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Rust Server Rules

1. Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) Bans & Game Bans

  • No VAC or Game bans that are less than 180 days old. Rusty Moose does not give any exceptions to this rule.
  • Using an alternate account to evade a VAC/game ban or Rusty Moose server ban is not allowed.
  • Groups caught harboring cheaters or ban evaders may be banned in whole. This is handled on a case by case basis.
  • Players with a history of cheating may be banned at our sole discretion, regardless of the age of their ban.

2. Cheating, Exploiting & Ban evasion

  • Cheating/scripting is not allowed.
  • Purposely abusing bugs and using exploits may result in a ban depending on the severity of the exploit.
  • Baiting reports/egging people on that you are cheating may result in a mute or ban at our discretion.

3. Behavior

  • Rusty Moose does not tolerate any form of racism on our servers.
  • Do not type it, do not write or draw it on a sign and do not say in in VoIP chat.
  • Do not advertise your service or business.
  • Rusty Moose has zero-tolerance for doxing or sharing information of other players (assuming it is not publicly displayed on their discord or gaming profiles).
  • This can include: sharing another player's personal information such as their name, age, location, employment, social media profiles this also applies to family members of a player.
  • Feel free to shit talk or banter with other players but keep it within the game. Do not involve real life. Do not be surprised if you are banned for insulting staff.
  • Most chat reports are low priority for us but we will get to it. If someone is annoying you and nothing happens do not forget that there is a mute option in the game.

4. Reports & Hackusations

  • Do not cry hacks in any public forum. This greatly reduces our chances of catching the accused.
  • Do not spam any channel with "admin!" in Discord. You will be muted or banned.
  • All reports should be sent through F7 in game. This will alert all of the online admins allowing us to look into it.

5. Group & Team Limits

  • The "Mini" servers have a team limit of 5. If you think someone is violating this rule report them with F7 under the cheating category.
  • If you wish to replace a teammate mid wipe you may do so one time per wipe with no exceptions.
    • The purpose of this is to allow newer players to play the game, not for pros to show off their e-dick and have 5 people online at all times. Abuse of this leeway can result in a ban.
    • The player being removed must be done for the wipe. You must change every code and clear turret & TC auth.

6. Walling Off & Gatekeeping Monuments

  • While you probably won't be banned for it, do not wall off or restrict access to monuments (this includes turrets). The walls/turrets will be removed without compensation or returning of the resources.
    • Quarries, caves, standalone tunnel entrances and ziplines are an exception to this.

7. Item Compensation/Base Screw-ups

  • As an Official Rust server, we cannot compensate you for items lost due to bugs, server crashes, cheaters etc.
  • Under the same principle, we also cannot fix any mistakes you make while building your base or if you lock yourself out of your bunker.

8. VPN

  • The usage of VPN is allowed, However if you join on a very new or suspicious account + vpn do not be surprised if you get banned.

9. Stream sniping

  • Rusty Moose does not promise any protection for a streamer while playing on our servers. However the more extreme cases will be handled at our sole discretion.
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