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  2. Wahooka

    I will concede the admins here have their flaws, look at this: It took A FULL 9 min for somebody to be advised to kill themselves in response to looking for help in game. ABOOSIVE!
  3. Wahooka

    But Code, how is anyone supposed to see that?
  4. Yesterday
  5. Code404

  6. chickenthevillain

  7. chickenthevillain

    join my clan you must listen to xxtentacles and some other mumble rap you must also play on 640x480 res (will need to send screenshot for proof) contact me or lord humongous for try out's
  8. Hey, I was banned in discord forever ago over a year ago at least. I am sorry I was so toxic to everyone. discord: jordan#0001
  9. Last week
  10. Affinityy

    Just looking for a clan/People to play with. Im currently playing on medium but i can play on any server. I have 762 hours on rust and im 17 years old. Discord: Affinity#7682 Pm me ;)
  11. Earlier
  12. Sense

    jexs is the worst admin tbh
  13. That is the reason we currently have regular VIP. Regular VIP is to bypass the queue for either busy days or disconnects. That and to pay for the servers. Your idea can be abused a few different ways. I won't go into detail about how to do those, but the methods exist.
  14. I think everyone should have VIP for just 2 minutes after disconnecting from a server, because of occasional crashes and such. Its only fair, you've already waited your time and earned your spot in the server, and probably ended up disconnecting out in the middle of a field with all your loots and gear on you. Such players need priority to re-connect. Its not like you gain much of an advantage over other players in the end. Queue right now is taking me over an hour. My internet is acting up and i just cant do anything about it without waiting another hour.
  15. gtoman1970

  16. gtoman1970

    hell same shit for me wait 3 hr get kicked cant get a vip and had to wait 3 hrs the first time now inm at 70 man q and all the vip passes are gone
  17. Yo Yo Yo ladies and gentlemen theres a new person on the server



  18. Code404

    Yep. You can make sure that Steam is connected with our VIP system by checking the status here. https://moose.gg/vip/hub/ You can also link your Steam account here. https://moose.gg/settings/login/?service=14 And to make sure everyone in Discord knows just how awesome you are for being a VIP, make sure that you have Discord synced as well. https://moose.gg/settings/login/?service=13
  19. dino1011

    do i just link my steam and thats it??
  20. dino1011

    hey! i plan on buying a vip slot for the low server how do i link my steam so i can get the vip when i pay? thanks!
  21. Wahooka

    I doubt you've read the rules, as if you have you'd know that they can in fact mute you for being a asshole. 5. Disrespecting Staff & Players Just because you are hiding behind your monitor does not mean you get to leave your morals at the login screen. Don't be a piece of garbage and try be a decent human being.
  22. Code404

    Wooooo Wooooo WOoooo No game is a DEAD GAME if someone, somewhere still loves it.
  23. chroner

    you don't need to be muted only for being racist or sexist. toxicity is toxicity. just chill for a bit and you'll be unmuted.
  24. Lean in my soda

  25. Lean in my soda

    yea i didnt break any rules, i was being racist or sexist. so yanno you can unmute me and stop being a bitch:)
  26. Tyrone

    You were being extremely toxic in chat and got ridiculed in return after I muted you, no need to cry lol
  27. Lean in my soda

    Him being unpaid means nothing, he is a representative of the server meaning he has a responsibility to act professional for the server. He muted me then quote on quote said “ Isnt it the best when I can mute someone and we can all shit talk them” muting someone where they can’t even defend themself is pathetic just shows that Tyrone got bullied in school and treats the people that play on those servers the way he got treated in school.
  28. Wahooka

    To sum up if you have ANY GAME OR VAC ban within the lays year, you are banned. If you have had more then 1 Game or VAC BAN, YOU ARE BANNED forever!. if you have a game or vac ban (singular) that is over a year old you can appeal to be unbanned, but you were auto banned.
  29. Wahooka

    The more you know.
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