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    I've been playing on this server for a while now and theres this one thing that bugs me: reporting anything except hackers. Even if its bugs, exploiters, quad teams on trio servers or anything of that sort doesnt have an """""official""""" way of beeing reported except annoying the admins for 2 weeks straight about the bug untill they fix it. My suggestion: - make a new section called server reports [or smth like that] where u can report player [but not only for cheating], bugs, problems, etc. - make an Appeals section where u can apeal not only for a ban but for example a mute too [and potentially other stuff too] - [and while im here] have the suggestions made into a section not a "sub"-section with "sub"-sections like forums, rust etc :D
  3. Nakeds are great target practice. I always carry a bow and give them a 5 second head start. It will make you a much better shooter and that proficiency will come in handy when you are fighting someone other than a naked.
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  6. I personally just remember about where the 1/3rd is located which is about above 3/5ths of the 2nd slot, and then just go manually from there with middle mouse split.
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    Currently I feel like some things are just too common like ak bodies that u can get from barrels, or the insane amount of metal ore, and then there are things that u barely can get at all - propane tanks. It would be nice if for example you couldnt get metal ore from for example suplhur nodes but only from metal nodes, and make propane tanks a little bit more common cuz flameraids on wipe day are a rarity, tho ak bodies from barrels are in a good rarity i felt like it needed to be pointed out.
  8. We'll be talking about this soon and we'll keep y'all updated.
  9. I feel a Sunday wipe would be best for the modded server as opposed to Monday because Mondays are crap, and nobody likes them. Furthermore less people work and/or go to school on Sundays. Every week we look at this on Sunday and see zero people online as nobody will bother playing this day despite all the free time they may have because or a lack of population and a point in playing on the last day of a wipe. This may encourage somebody to Dust off some of the unsold VIPs to take a sniff. Mayhaps even buy them. Also I would like to put in some spoiled food and bottles filled with salt water into the loot tables for food box drops, manually doing it is hard.
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  11. I Enjoy Star Citizen Also GamerBeardly, It Is Very Nice.
  12. On a more serious note: Star Citizen FTW! I have one of the multi-crew ships, the Constellation Aquila, though in the current development phase I get the Constellation Andromeda instead since the Aquila isn't ready for use yet. I've also got a couple other smaller ships for other tasks, including my absolute favorite, the Aegis Sabre.
  13. Why Would People Not Type Like This? It's So Effortless And Simple To Do. It's Not Like I'm Having To Press The Shift Button At The Start Of Every Word Or Anything, Ya Know?
  14. Why Do People Type Like This? I Don't Get It. Never Have. Never Will.
  15. join the space zerg!
  16. more gameplay
  17. Guys I'm Playing The Game, So Obviously It Can't Be Too Shit. But Since I Have it You Know It's Going To Be Lit.
  18. One decided to change his steamurl. I'm just going to throw this in here instead. I would've edited my original post, but I couldn't. This isn't really for the zergs or big clans, but if you're a smaller sized group and you don't have the time it takes to farm and farm and farm to raid just make sure that when you do it's not these guys. At least not when they're online. Extremely toxic for being called out on it, but it's part of the game and we went in knowing the risk.
  19. Just a list of online despawners during raids. Add to the list, but DO NOT add those who move loot during the raids. That's perfectly acceptable to play around your base, but despawning during a raid is scummy. Especially in a fair match. I'll start the list: It was a 3v2. We were the 3 they were the two. They kept moving around the base and finally when they were in the last room after we used 12 rockets they despawned everything. We blew through with the 13th (took some time because we had to send one back to go get the mats that we barely had) just to make sure they weren't pretending to be scummy online raidees. Feels bad man. Even told them that we wanted a fair raid before we started rocketing. Anyways feel free to add onto the list.
  20. How long is the server gonna be down?
  21. Got it.
  22. Sounds good, see you soon.
  23. Here's a preview of what's in Star Citizen and i'll have 2 or so vids out in a few days just showcasing a few more things, we're just super pumped for 3.0! Anarchy.
  24. I guess its better..
  25. wow that is so cool. totally not gay and fat!
  26. We're having a lot of fun on Star Citizen, hopefully you dudes can hop on with us! Its gonna be super casual and i'll add whoever wants to be on my friends list and invite you into the servers if you're on at the same time as us! Hope to see you out there my dudes! Anarchy.
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