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  2. Code404

    We only have a limited supply of VIPs for each server. We have a bot that posts when a VIP slot becomes available. Keep an eye out on the #moosepublic channel on our Discord server.
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  4. Code404

    If you have VIP and have your Steam account linked here, then you will be able to bypass the queue on whichever server you bought it for. But since I'm looking at your account right now, I can see you haven't linked your Steam account or bought VIP with this account.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Step dad

    thats tuff
  7. im willing to pay extra for vip if i can be able to get on Rusty moose low
  8. darksky10151

    If someone has the VIP kit does it kick you out of the server because if that's what happens it's kinda lame...
  9. quantumcat

    The last wipe on the server page says: 06/08/18 04:23 PM Is anyone a server admin that can confirm when it will actually be wiped?
  10. l ICY l Slippery

    So Rusty Moose low wipe June 21 at what time??
  11. quantumcat

    awesome, thanks for the info! funny graphics. hurts my eyes!
  12. Dray

    HOLYSHIT what happened to those discord graphics. I'm going to leave it because it's hilarious.
  13. Dray

    Upcoming Map wipes Main, Medium & Accelerated: -Weekly on Thursday (around 4pm EST - unless update day) Low & Hapis: (2 week maps) -June 21st -July 5th
  14. quantumcat

    The rusty moose happis server says that it last wiped on June 18th. Does that mean that it will be wiped next on June 2nd? Just don't wont to put a lot of effort into a base if it's going to be gone.
  15. Last week
  16. awesome! i know there's several other servers with similar issues so that's extra great.
  17. Have not implemented it yet. It is still in the works as we had some delays. It will be in within the next week, though.
  18. Did ya'all ever implement the 'ban lag' fix? How's that been?
  19. Earlier
  20. Code404

    It is not a bannable offense.
  21. Code404

    Fill out an appeal for one of our admins to take a look. https://moose.gg/appeal/
  22. Hebee

    Just wondering if crosshair overlays are a bannable offense just in general, I've looked it up and gotten mixed answers. Ty.
  23. leemthemeem

    Dear reader, So I was trying to join the Rusty Moose |Main| server in rust but out of nowhere, I got banned. I have never hacked and don't plan to. I'm very new to this game and I've never been on this server before. Does anyone know how this happened or how I can fix it? Thanks, leemthemeem Screenshot
  24. Kreen

    Salut cava ? Moi cava
  25. GENY

    Hello im looking for a dedicated clan thats active , im 16 with pretty low game hours but generally decent at the game feel free to add me on steam at https://steamcommunity.com/id/Turtlebox0/
  26. Gus_

    I would start on LOW since it just reset. not many "zergs" besides like 1 or 2 cuz they are too skilled for medium or main. ;)
  27. Jexs

    Damn I need to get back in there and check it out. Maybe in a few weeks I'll reinstall it.
  28. Jexs

    Welcome back to Rust, my dude. Always glad to see someone able to get a new PC to come back to the master race. Definitely stay active in our Discord too as there are many more active users in there.
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