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  4. The tank in launch site Bradly on Rusty Moose Hapis is stuck inside launch site and can't move. it is stuck on a crooked angle.it has bee like this since i got on at 4 pm today. would be most appreciative if an admin could fix this. thanks!
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  6. my cats breath smells like cat food
  7. Are there any Twitch streamers currently playing on Rusty Moose (Hapis)?
  8. Hillo my frend u read this because i make and want be admin. yes now i think i am very qualify because i get clos enough and then its over! ughh sometimes i peak but then i run and go inside but its time to push sometimes so like i go in and leave. left left and behind the dacia. no thats not a dacia mes. hes inside the compound. anyway plese make admin. ty for accepting
  9. You can check https://moose.gg/ssm/ where their is the list of servers with status info. Or hop on the Discord server and read the announcements. https://discordapp.com/invite/moose Also, their was an extended down time from the server hosts that coincide with the time of this post. So I'm guessing that's why you couldn't see Low Pop.
  10. So I cannot find the Moose Low server in game and the connect command provided takes me to an EU based server. Does anyone know if Moose Low is actually offline?
  11. A guy who enjoys killing RPers
  12. This could go on the accelerated server
  13. - Make the stacks of everything twice of what they were before besides meds, bandages and anything else with small stacks that could be overpowered. - Make resources (metal, wood, stone, etc...) be 2k stacks since its a 2x server, resulting in the storage aspect to be similar to vanilla since it would even out. And is crafting time half as well as smelting time doubled? Maybe only make smelting 1.50x faster and crafting half. Thanks!
  14. Found the answer to your request on another thread.
  15. Aww I love knowing there are at least still a few nice guys out there! They are far and few between, but they're there. Welcome to the community, glad to have you here. If you're not familiar with Discord, I'd highly recommend checking it out. It's where a lot of the discussion happens in our community. Basically a giant chat room with 4000+ players having a good time. Once you have it installed (or if you already have discord) you can find out server using this link: https://discord.gg/moose
  16. an hour and a half?!?!?!?!?!!? JESUS CHRIST! That is unacceptable! I'll be sure to get on the team right away for their extreme lack of professionalism! Dude, we do this as a hobby. Not a full time job. Not because we're trying to get rich (we aren't). We do it because we enjoy the game and the community. We still have real lives we have to attend to and upwards of 10,000 unique players a week. Considering you opened the ticket at the most busy time of the week, you're lucky you even got a reply the same day. We usually try to get to tickets within 24 hours, but sometimes shit gets in the way. No, VIP cannot be transferred between servers. It is locked in once it is purchased. We have considered doing this, but there are too many variables and it would make it impossible for us to track how our sales are doing for each server. - Jexs
  17. Not sure what link you were using. We are partnered and have a static link. You can always use https://discord.gg/moose to get to our server.
  18. I have no idea and the ticket i submitted has taken more than and hour and a half and no response
  19. https://discord.gg/HE56bA
  20. BAND!!!!!
  21. I am not able to join the discord because the instant invite is expired
  22. This incident helped heal all the heartbreak and confusion of being a new RUST player ... http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1200596385
  23. shooting airdrop parachute causes airdrop to fall faster.
  24. Would be weekly maps, Bi-Weekly BP wipes.
  25. I am definitely interested in 2x + increased scrap. Would love to see bp wipe with every map wipe.
  26. vac

    у меня вак в кс а не в расте
  27. vac

    VAC ban на нашем сервере запрещено
  28. You shouldn't have any problems. We have our anti-VAC settings listed on our rules page.
  29. ^ He must be new around these parts. So for that we'll forgive him just this once...
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