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  5. Code404

    Have you gone to this link yet? https://moose.gg/settings/login/?service=14 Do you have more then 1 Steam account? Do you have 2 factor authentication?
  6. To get updates about things and stuff like this, check out our Discord server under the announcements channel. https://discord.gg/moose
  7. Spray

    I'd just like to point out, that our base (BC clans) was raided while the server was down. I dont know what happened with this, but when we managed to get back on Triangle clan had done a 140 rocket raid on our base and they'd managed to secure our loot. This is really weird and we want it investigated.
  8. Wahooka

    There has been some of that activity recently, but it is possible considering the time of your post (3AM for most Admins) it may be a more mundane reason for being offline, and nobody was awake at the time to fix the issue immediately. I'm sure somebody will be alone soon (if not already) to address the issue.
  9. Seems that maybe the server has been disconnected for about an hour. Most likely im assuming ddoss attacks, i tried pinging but not a single reply. Hopefully it can get noticed soon. Also it seems it is the second time this week. A recurring player is doing this i bet, getting mad over a raid. Ha.
  10. Wahooka

    No public wall of shame for the banned? BOOO!
  11. Earlier
  12. chroner

    The server was being doxed it's back up. Youre welcome, Wubbles.
  13. Wubbles

    I got on the server about 10min ago just fine. While i was running up the stairs of a friend's base, I was disconnected. Now the server is no longer in my server lists. Not only that, I can't direct connect via IP either... ...some of my friends are having the same issue, while others are currently on the server without issue. I hope to be able to connect soon. If anyone has any advice or insights, let me know. Thanks! Wubbles
  14. Someone claimed it was being ddossed. Whoever it is if they are must be well known or have money to take down a 300 pop server. Im assuming he/she has connections. Whats a status update or something if we can get it?
  15. Kilaen

  16. Jexs

    Welcome back to the island! Indeed the game has changed quite a bit. Mostly for the better (in my opinion), but I'd be lying if I said the game doesn't have it's flaws. We're glad to have you and appreciate the kind words. If you're not already in our Discord, I'd recommend hopping in there as it has the most active conversations. You can find it here if you'd like. We'll see you on the island!
  17. Kael

    Well hello there fellow Rustafarians! I'm a somewhat "new" player. I've had Rust for quite awhile and enjoyed the early alpha days to an extent. I even had my own server for almost a year before the player base began to dwindle a bit. I've come back after about two years and everything seems different. I'm not sure if I like but I'll be around for awhile deciding if I do or not. Your servers so far are the best I've come across community and gameplay wise and figured I'd say hello and thank you for bringing us a great experience! ☺️
  18. Wahooka

    Wait.... where is question number 3? FUCK JEXS YOU FAILED TO COUNT TO 4!
  19. Wahooka

    I feel just to piss off Robert you should make a archipelago map. Maybe make dinghy not consume fuel so people could get around easily but jack up the cost for fast boats. WHERE IS WAHOOKA'S WATER WORLD?!
  20. Robert Bowers

    I love the idea, I HATE that map. First off, this map would kill roaming expect for the land mass that you are built on. I also think that the idea of having launch and tunnels right next to each other is a really bad idea and would just make one group snowball super super hard.
  21. StylezXY

    Yea and where’s is Stylez’s custom stash with 50 C4? This map sucks (PS: Jexs slide into my DM’s later to tell me)
  22. Jexs

    Yeah, I definitely agree. I think we all just want a change at this point. I think what you mentioned would be pretty neat. I can't wait to see what the community will make. Hopefully more maps will keep getting made soon. Glad you like it. You'll just have to see. :cookedhumanmeat: Love you too, bby.
  23. Panduh

    God you are so handsome
  24. Wahooka

    Where's my custom Caves?
  25. DUSTIN

    I went ahead and read through this. I actually have been waiting to see a map that is split with a body of water. I think adding more water to the map is a good thing and will force players to be much more strategic. I would also like to see the map not a "waterworld" vibe but more of a Caribbean Island vibe or Hawaii where there are about 4-5 islands all habitable with enough Rescources on each to support players. Another idea would be to have the major monuments on their own island. I do like this idea as one main island does get boring after 2800 hours of rust. Even crossing hapis island sort of rock faces would be nice as well(ones u cant climb cuz they are too steep).
  26. Hi everyone, First things first, I encourage you to approach this concept with an open mind. As the weeks and months go by, custom maps are starting to become more and more viable on larger servers such as Moose and we're hoping to be able to participate in this fun soon. We know there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding custom maps so I hope to clear some of those up in this post. I'll also briefly explain our current limitations and why we're a tad hesitant. When most people think of a custom map, they tend to think it's an extremely modified version of a map which basically makes the server feel modded, or they think that it's going to be some weird attempt at a recreation of Waterworld in Rust with small islands everywhere. That's not what we're going for. We want it to feel like a slightly modified ProcGen map with some cool things added in. Nothing over the top, but modified enough to be unique and different. One of the biggest issues we're facing with the concept of custom maps is how we're going to get them to the players. While we do have a fairly powerful web infrastructure, it cannot handle 1000+ players downloading a map at the same time. Obviously this number will vary, but the issue still stands. We can't let you all download a map that takes 15 mins to get. The easiest way to fix this issue is to use a CDN or a cloud hosting platform such as Amazon's S3. The only problem with this is that we have ~60k unique players a month. This means that these services would cost us an additional $130+/mo just for map hosting. That is ludicrous. So here are a few options: Players just accept that they will download the map at a crawling speed and take 15 minutes to load in. We release an open source map downloader that will allow players to download a map 6-12 hours before wipe so that they can load in much faster and skip the download process when joining. If enough players do this, then it would spread out the downloads and make it much easier on our web systems. The program would be open source. Meaning we'd have it hosted on a GitHub repository. No, it would not record your info or anything like that. No, you would not need it running while playing. It's just to download the map before the wipe happens allowing you to load in faster and allowing us to save money. Similar to #2, we release the map 6-12 hours early and allow players to manually download the map and move it into their Rust directory. This would be available regardless if #2 is a thing or not, it would just be more steps and more complicated. There are a few other things that we're looking into, but we're discussing those internally and not quite ready to share them. The above are the most realistic options as of right now. If you have any comments, concerns, or questions please feel free to reply here so we can discuss them. We're very curious to see how the community receives this as it's something we'd really like to see make it to our more popular servers (yes, I mean Main). It's important that I note that we're not 100% going through with anything. This is just a concept phase and we want to get a feeling of what people think. I've attached a few screenshots to the post of what you can expect a custom map to look like. This one in particular was created by our very own @TyroneBiggnutz who spent countless hours making it. It's not easy making these maps and it requires a lot of tedious work. As always, thank you for your continued support and we'll see you on the island!
  27. Jexs

    Yeah. It may be something we consider in the future, but definitely no time soon. With the game running substantially better in the normal maps, I've realized the Barren servers aren't as popular. And the players that do want it already have servers existing in the community.
  28. just looking for a new friend to play with, its lonely were I come from.
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