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Found 5 results

  1. Sealix78

    I've played rust before but just got a new PC and a new steam account to play again. I'm not an expert on the game but I'm definitely not a noob either. I'm looking for 1 or 2 people that might be interesting in grouping up. I am active on discord to talk.
  2. bagelonsteam

    As of now it is just me and 1 or 2 other buddies and we are just trying to get a 4 or 5 man clan going. We dont want anything serious just people to play and have fun with, but still like to be competetive. PM me on discord @ bagel #6897 and just tell me your age and anything else you might want me to know
  3. I’m a newish player but I know how to do everything. I just have no one to play with. I’m 26 and Im not looking to play with squeakers. You must know how to play and play a lot like I do. I’m really hoping to find at least one person for bp wipe tomorrow. Plz reply if your interested
  4. Xan_marino

    Hey guys I'm looking for a teammate or a group, I'm 27 and I've been playing for 2 months and already have 450 hours played, so im relatively new but I play A LOT. I was in a really bad car accident so I'm not working rn so I basically play all day which makes me a good asset to any group I think. I'm on rusty moose low but I play on main too. My name is Xan_marino on steam so send me a message there or here or add me.
  5. -CML-Doomgoo

    Clan Magnus Legio or CML is an organized and mature gaming community that plays competitive, PvP-focused games that reward our teamwork, coordination, and mobility. We seek mature applicants that have both the ability to learn and the tendency to listen. We no longer use the slave system because it doesn't represent the community we currently adhere to (felt i should mention this since that was what we are still kind of known for). We use a application and interview practice to make sure you are a right fit for the community. If you would like to join please go to www.magnuslegio.net and apply. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


Errn is the owner and fearless leader of the Rusty Moose. She amazingly works 2 full-time jobs. The first to pay the bills and the second babysitting of all the Rust kiddies. She's also our local alcoholic wine connoisseur.


Jexs is our local programmer of most things related to our back-end. He also has a vast knowledge of game and web servers and helps keep everything running smoothly.


MesMichael is the local memer of the Moose'min team and has been a part of our community for many years. He works closely with the community to ensure everyone is having fun and behaving themselves. He is a great source of information or help whenever you need it.


Wojak has been just about everywhere in the Rust community and is not new to the task of administrating a server. He brings with him a lot of experience moderating and a wealth of knowledge about the game. Ask him about his favorite furry sites.


Tyrone is a long time member of our community and knows the game of Rust better than he does most things in life. He is a well connected member of the Rust community and has friends everywhere. He is a great source of information for anything related to Rust.


Dimon joined our team in January of 2019. He is a well connected member of the Rust streaming community and also has admin experience on large population Rust servers. He is a great addition to our team and will help administrate our EU servers as we branch out into that region.

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