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ATTENTION: This report form is deprecated and should no longer be used. We can now see all reports submitted through the F7 form in-game. Please use that form for all future reports.

Report Information

Please keep in mind we will usually not message you back. This is meant to help lower the amount of PMs we recieve every minute or hour. Please do not message us afterwards asking if we recieved your report, because I assure you, we did.

While we would prefer not to cross this line, please keep in mind this is a tool for the whole community. Please do not abuse this system, or we may remove you from our website/server/discord permanently.

Do you actually review these?

Yes! We review each report that we get. Some require more attention than others thus taking more of our time. However, we do review all reported players assuming it was for a good reason.

Is my report going to actually get them banned?

We cannot guarantee that your report will lead directly to a ban. We will review the case and if there is enough proof, they will be banned. Just because you swear up and down that player x is hacking, does not mean they will be banned. We ban based on evidence - not your group losing all of your gear to a "hacker".

I am a streamer. Can I report stream snipers?

This is on a case by case basis and the burden of proof is on you. You must also be using every measure possible to prevent stream sniping (streamermode/map overlay/chat off/etc) in order for us to entertain a report. We will not sit in your stream for hours nor will we spectate the accused. Stream sniping is very hard to prove. However, if it is found to be blatant sniping, we do reserve the right to ban.

If I have no proof, should I still report?

Absolutely! If you have no proof but are still suspicious of a player, leave us a report.

If I report are you going to message me?

Due to the amount of reports we recieve every day, we will more than likely not reach out to you. We will normally only do this if we require more details.

Report Form

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