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  1. Blau

    uhm... you do know theres an ingame map... press g
  2. Blau

    ban this retard
  3. why would we wipe tho its retarded. just leave it alone!
  4. Blau

    again, not their fault. its a scuffed update rn!
  5. Blau

    its not their fault, oxide has been fucked this whole update is scuffed.
  6. 1v1 i swear to god

  7. Yeah, i can see where you're coming from. I'd say that attempting to get people punished by baiting them is a pretty toxic thing to do. And rust is one of the most toxic games without the chat, so why let it be even more toxic?
  8. This has been an ongoing issue for a while, I can understand why some people do it. People want to get their friends in faster. But this doesn't just kick the player who falls for it, it also gives them a strike which can be used against them later... Ex(a method I've seen a lot): Dickhead: first person to spell dabbing backwards gets an AK Gullible kid: ******** Then the server spams F. Lol I've seen admins ban for this before but just not enough imo.
  9. Blau

    Yeah but when the person is irrelevant it's basically dead.
  10. Blau

    If too many VIPs are added wouldn't this cause lag as it's not kicking players for VIPs it's just added that on top of the full server? I could be wrong here but idk.
  11. Blau

    I stopped playing the first major lag spike I experienced. I also looked and some people on chods cheats, (the biggest tarkov cheat provider I know which is public) and I read the forums and users are claiming they have been rage hacking for months on with no ban... And I mean rage hacking, chods had noclip at one point... A shame that such a great idea is plagued with cheats. This community should also look out as chods has released a new RCS system for rust. It's not a full fledged Multihack but it's damaging if a cheater gets any gun.. and its nearly undetectable..
  12. I'm 99% sure that you saying "I'm a YouTuber with x amount of subs" isn't what got you banned. I bet that you triggered the chat filter with the n word a few times. Just my opinion though 😀
  13. Blau

    II am not opposed to it, however if it isn't implemented well it could be catastrophic for the servers. LARGE OPINION PIECE AHEAD DISCRETION ADVISED! I feel the proc gen system is very well balanced, in monument placement, biome distribution and land mass sizes. I feel custom maps would create more work for the admins to try and balance a custom map. Also(for this specific map), the closeness of the monuments added to landmasses being so separate would kill roaming and make certain parts of the map dead as Robert said. This happens already in most proc gen maps. Especially the last few weeks before wipe. A good way to integrate custom maps, would be like the way Hapis is integrated on FP servers. SEPARATE from normal servers. As long as this doesn't replace any of the proc gen servers, this would be amazing to take a break from the proc gen maps!


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