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  1. Lean in my soda

  2. Lean in my soda

    yea i didnt break any rules, i was being racist or sexist. so yanno you can unmute me and stop being a bitch:)
  3. Lean in my soda

    Him being unpaid means nothing, he is a representative of the server meaning he has a responsibility to act professional for the server. He muted me then quote on quote said “ Isnt it the best when I can mute someone and we can all shit talk them” muting someone where they can’t even defend themself is pathetic just shows that Tyrone got bullied in school and treats the people that play on those servers the way he got treated in school.
  4. Lean in my soda

    I was muted by tyrone then he just berated me in a unprofessional way, nice to see once my favorite server has shitty admins that just ruin the experince for everyone. He also said my vac ban from 500 days ago made me a cheater still to this day, that ban was for a achievement unlocker ... i have never cheated in a game i just wanted achievements for free cards. but i guess im a cheater to a shitty no life admin that berates his server players!


Errn is the owner and fearless leader of the Rusty Moose. She amazingly works 2 full-time jobs. The first to pay the bills and the second babysitting of all the Rust kiddies. She's also our local alcoholic wine connoisseur.


Jexs is our local programmer of most things related to our back-end. He also has a vast knowledge of game and web servers and helps keep everything running smoothly.


He's a furry. Drinks copious amounts of Mountain Dew. Avoid at all costs.


Tyrone is a long time member of our community and knows the game of Rust better than he does most things in life. He is a well connected member of the Rust community and has friends everywhere. He is a great source of information for anything related to Rust.


Dimon joined our team in January of 2019. He is a well connected member of the Rust streaming community and also has admin experience on large population Rust servers. He is a great addition to our team and will help administrate our EU servers as we branch out into that region.


Code404 joined our team in June of 2019 but was a part of our family long before. He started as a moderator and knows how we operate very well. He helps keep everyone in line and is a great source of information about Moose.

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