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  1. chroner

    you don't need to be muted only for being racist or sexist. toxicity is toxicity. just chill for a bit and you'll be unmuted.
  2. chroner

    dead game
  3. chroner

    nothing crazy, but i noticed there's a river in the nw, ne, and se quadrants of the map. maybe just throw a small one in the sw also for food in that area? other than that nothing.
  4. Yeah by waiting the allocated amount of time. This wasn't your first time being kicked for from the server. It's a progression system that enables players to stop being dick heads. 1) kick 2) hour ban 3) day ban. Also, this isn't the place to appeal bans.
  5. chroner

    I wish there was a solo, duo, trio server.
  6. chroner

    The server was being doxed it's back up. Youre welcome, Wubbles.
  7. chroner

    A vote for me is a vote for an appealed ban!
  8. chroner

    1) Two medium servers will have multiple variables. One server fully popped and the other not One server popped after 2 days and the other at half People buying vip for the wrong medium server and refunding People not needing to buy vip ruining revenue for one or both of the medium servers People refunding their VIP because people are stupid (x2) We can argue the point that both servers could potentially stay popped, but the chances of that are highly unlikely after a day or two and potentially would ruin the benefits of having a queue (a steady player stream to one dedicated server). I think it's a great idea for players who don't want to buy VIP or can't purchase VIP, because it gives them another server to play on, but realistically it's just not needed. Bad business is business that fails to realize that their model is already working and not knowing when to stop. 2) Raising the pop by 25 is just a bad idea It won't really help the player population get ahead in the queue if anything it'll attract maybe even more players to join medium (because they'll think that the queue is less tedious) Depending on how many vip slots are added from the 25 you're basically going to sit behind people regardless Medium works, because it's 200 slots. As stated earlier why fix something that has worked perfectly for so long. If Medium was still in testing phases it'd be a decent idea. However, Medium has been around for awhile and testing is over. The server works the way it should and it functions fine as a stand-alone. There's no reason for the Hershey company for example to create a second bar of chocolate called Hershey 2, because the original bars and their various sizes work just fine. Now on to how your idea could be changed A modded medium pop server. Everything is practically vanilla but adds benefits. Like auto lighting and other small plug-ins that don't necessarily make things easier, but assist in a small enough way to attract modded server players, but at the same time keeps vanilla players where they are. Tl;dr Just buy VIP. It's not a good idea to change what's not broken or split it into two entities of the same thing.
  9. chroner

    Lag, hackers, faulty net code. The game is no longer as appealing as it once was.
  10. chroner

    has more maps and first person now fix sounds and it be good game
  11. chroner

    dead game but has fly ships rate 4/10
  12. chroner

    You keep them for regular wipes, but you lose them all on the first Thursday of every month. I.E the special wipe
  13. chroner

    No admin is abusing their power. You probably won't get your base back. If a hacker was flying around the server into peoples bases and taking it over it'd be happening to more than just you. Just start anew.
  14. chroner

    Your best bet is the discord or reddit in the rust lfg


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