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  1. chroner

  2. chroner

    admins favor streamers
  3. chroner

    ^ implying code knows anything that the owners are doing xDDDD
  4. chroner

  5. chroner

    to be fair i'm not an admin lol does suck that you've played here so long and are being treated like this. but it is what it is. make sure to finish your calc homework
  6. chroner

    20man on a 4x ? ? ? what thats my application btw ^
  7. If someone tells you to steal are you going to steal? Like I said it's been discussed and people do get kicked time to time. How is it going to prevent VIP users from saying it? Rolling out bans for it isn't worth the trouble. Otherwise they get kicked rejoin get kicked rejoin get kicked rejoin.
  8. It's been talked about. However, if someone chooses to type something someone else said in chat it kind of falls on them.
  9. chroner

    check discord roles jack.
  10. chroner

    Hello Luminous, You were banned for a 24 hour period. You will be unbanned at 7 A.M. This, however, is subject to change if and when chat logs are looked at and we see excessive toxicity. Normally this would not be looked into, but considering you decided to message several of us on the staff team; we will be looking into it for you. Sincerely, Chroner Mooses Ban Appeal Manager
  11. chroner

    you don't need to be muted only for being racist or sexist. toxicity is toxicity. just chill for a bit and you'll be unmuted.
  12. chroner

    nothing crazy, but i noticed there's a river in the nw, ne, and se quadrants of the map. maybe just throw a small one in the sw also for food in that area? other than that nothing.
  13. Yeah by waiting the allocated amount of time. This wasn't your first time being kicked for from the server. It's a progression system that enables players to stop being dick heads. 1) kick 2) hour ban 3) day ban. Also, this isn't the place to appeal bans.
  14. chroner

    I wish there was a solo, duo, trio server.
  15. chroner

    The server was being doxed it's back up. Youre welcome, Wubbles.
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