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  1. I have been messaging admins about a false ban on my account. One minute I was playing on the server with a couple of friends, then I walk away for an hour or so so I could watch the 76ers game. When I return I found out that I had been banned under false pretenses. I put up an appeal on the form and it was immediately shot down by an admin named TYRONE. All I would like to do is explain what has happened and I am constantly being shot down. But then I got a dm from Errn on discord and she was being very rude and said " top typing to me now". Also, refused to listen to what I had to say. And even from Moses rules themselves. 5. Disrespecting Staff & Players- Just because you are hiding behind your monitor does not mean you get to leave your morals at the login screen. Don't be a piece of garbage and try to be a decent human being. So, in conclusion, the staff on Rusty Moose is very bad and refuse to listen to what you had to say.

    Here are links to the other formes so you can see the disrespect being bestowed upon me.


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