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  1. Hi everyone, First things first, I encourage you to approach this concept with an open mind. As the weeks and months go by, custom maps are starting to become more and more viable on larger servers such as Moose and we're hoping to be able to participate in this fun soon. We know there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding custom maps so I hope to clear some of those up in this post. I'll also briefly explain our current limitations and why we're a tad hesitant. When most people think of a custom map, they tend to think it's an extremely modified version of a map which basically makes the server feel modded, or they think that it's going to be some weird attempt at a recreation of Waterworld in Rust with small islands everywhere. That's not what we're going for. We want it to feel like a slightly modified ProcGen map with some cool things added in. Nothing over the top, but modified enough to be unique and different. One of the biggest issues we're facing with the concept of custom maps is how we're going to get them to the players. While we do have a fairly powerful web infrastructure, it cannot handle 1000+ players downloading a map at the same time. Obviously this number will vary, but the issue still stands. We can't let you all download a map that takes 15 mins to get. The easiest way to fix this issue is to use a CDN or a cloud hosting platform such as Amazon's S3. The only problem with this is that we have ~60k unique players a month. This means that these services would cost us an additional $130+/mo just for map hosting. That is ludicrous. So here are a few options: Players just accept that they will download the map at a crawling speed and take 15 minutes to load in. We release an open source map downloader that will allow players to download a map 6-12 hours before wipe so that they can load in much faster and skip the download process when joining. If enough players do this, then it would spread out the downloads and make it much easier on our web systems. The program would be open source. Meaning we'd have it hosted on a GitHub repository. No, it would not record your info or anything like that. No, you would not need it running while playing. It's just to download the map before the wipe happens allowing you to load in faster and allowing us to save money. Similar to #2, we release the map 6-12 hours early and allow players to manually download the map and move it into their Rust directory. This would be available regardless if #2 is a thing or not, it would just be more steps and more complicated. There are a few other things that we're looking into, but we're discussing those internally and not quite ready to share them. The above are the most realistic options as of right now. If you have any comments, concerns, or questions please feel free to reply here so we can discuss them. We're very curious to see how the community receives this as it's something we'd really like to see make it to our more popular servers (yes, I mean Main). It's important that I note that we're not 100% going through with anything. This is just a concept phase and we want to get a feeling of what people think. I've attached a few screenshots to the post of what you can expect a custom map to look like. This one in particular was created by our very own @TyroneBiggnutz who spent countless hours making it. It's not easy making these maps and it requires a lot of tedious work. As always, thank you for your continued support and we'll see you on the island!
  2. Jexs

    Hello all, As you can tell from the title, the much anticipated new ban system is in for all Moose servers. Over the last week we have made some major changes to our back-end to accommodate for some big things that we're working on. This will not affect the average player, but it makes our lives as admins much easier. Some key things to note: All servers have now merged their ban lists. This means that if you were banned on Low 6 months ago and have been taking refuge on Main since, you will now be banned from there as well (and all other Moose servers). These new merged bans should be treated like any other. You can appeal them on our website here: https://moose.gg/appeal From now on, if you are banned from one of our servers, you will automatically be banned from all of our servers. No exceptions. Ban lag, in theory, should now be eradicated. We have yet to test this with high populations (lol oops) but we are very confident it will not even be felt when a ban processes. No we will not be making our ban list public. This may change in the future, but it is somewhat unlikely. Thank you for your continued support! As always, we'll see you on the island. Best Regards, Rusty Moose Staff
  3. Jexs

    Welcome back to the island! Indeed the game has changed quite a bit. Mostly for the better (in my opinion), but I'd be lying if I said the game doesn't have it's flaws. We're glad to have you and appreciate the kind words. If you're not already in our Discord, I'd recommend hopping in there as it has the most active conversations. You can find it here if you'd like. We'll see you on the island!
  4. Jexs

    Yeah, I definitely agree. I think we all just want a change at this point. I think what you mentioned would be pretty neat. I can't wait to see what the community will make. Hopefully more maps will keep getting made soon. Glad you like it. You'll just have to see. :cookedhumanmeat: Love you too, bby.
  5. Jexs

    Yeah. It may be something we consider in the future, but definitely no time soon. With the game running substantially better in the normal maps, I've realized the Barren servers aren't as popular. And the players that do want it already have servers existing in the community.
  6. Jexs

    We don't currently have any plans to launch a Barren server. There just isn't the market for them as much as there used to be.
  7. Jexs

    BibleThump RIP Stylez' Hamster
  8. Jexs

    Legend has it that he also possesses the abilities of the Rust gods themselves.
  9. Jexs

    Shit happens my dude. Sometimes we like to spawn in zombies/chickens to mess with people or just play around. Unfortunately there is a bug this month that makes the zombies spawn infinitely. Wojak wasn't aware of this thus the issues. I promise you'll be okay and life will go on.
  10. Jexs

    That is exactly right. I'm glad you appreciate my novel!
  11. Jexs

    Hey there @Sadmoto, I'm glad you're asking questions because it helps us better understand the train of thought of new players that don't understand the standardized convention of Rust wipes/updates. It is very easy for us to miss these types of things since we've been doing this for years and years. So I appreciate you reaching out. Here is a quick breakdown of how the Rust wipes/updates go pretty much throughout the community and hopefully that will answer most of your questions, but I'll also add a few more details. There are a few different terms that are used pretty much globally in the Rust world. Here's a quick list of the most important: Wipe, map wipe, non-update wipe - Generally is used to indicate only a map wipe. Meaning player blueprints are not affected in any way. Blueprint wipe, full wipe - Generally used to indicate that the map as well as the blueprints will be wiping. Forced wipe - There is an update from the developers (Facepunch) that will require all servers to wipe their map, but will leave blueprints intact. Forced blueprint wipe - There is an update from the developers (Facepunch) that will require all servers to wipe the map as well as the player blueprints. These are very rare, but are sometimes required depending on what the update contains. Now that we have the terminology out of the way, here is how the updates to the game work: Historically, Facepunch released a game update every week on Thursday around 2-4 PM CST. This was the standard for 4 years and players became accustomed to it. Most servers simply adopted this as their wipe schedule (if they were weekly wipe servers) and wiped at the time of the update every week. Nowadays, the update schedule has moved to monthly and it is always the first Thursday of every month around the same time as before. These updates always result in a forced wipe as a bi-product. While blueprints are not forced to wipe every month, we have decided to wipe Rusty Moose's blueprints at the time of the update every month. Lastly, the reason there is a 1 week wipe at the end of this month is because August has 5 weeks in it as far as Rust in concerned because there are 5 Thursdays this month. Since Low is bi-weekly, that means it wipes the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Thursdays. We could technically just make the second wipe a 3-week wipe but that is a bit long when players don't expect it. So we decided to go with a 2 week, 2 week, and 1 week wipe instead. It seems to be the best received schedule in general. I know this ended up being a damn novel, but if you made it this far I'm glad. Hopefully this clears up some of your confusion. Let me know if not though and I'll follow up. I really like your idea about the calendar and I might just do that this afternoon. I never even thought about using it for a wipe schedule to help the new players. That's a great idea. I also plan on making a FAQ page with pretty much everything I said in this post, just in a much more organized manner.
  12. Jexs

    Technically, it is not against the rules of us or EAC. However, the issue that many people have is that they go find some random crosshair program online that is remnants of a larger cheat package and it gets detected as that original cheat. So the biggest thing I can say is just be very careful what you download and run on your computer. Know where it's coming from and/or who made it. Generally it's best to avoid as it really serves no purpose in Rust at all. Exactly right. It's always a risk downloading and running software that interferes with your game.
  13. Jexs

    I mean this entire topic demonstrates exactly why you're banned. You were a toxic POS from the second you joined our Discord. We have 0 respect for you and we treat you as such because you instantly lost what respect you started with by crying like a 2 year old. We had typed in announcements that we had been having network issues for the past few days MULTIPLE TIMES and you had the audacity to message me upset that you couldn't connect within a few minutes? Yeah, I was pretty fuckin' annoyed. Tyrone is right, you have acted like an entitled prick time and time again. I was just quite frankly fed up with your bullshit. I don't see how your head could be so fucking full of hot air that you don't see that. Good riddance.
  14. Jexs

    It has definitely crossed our minds to expand some more, however, there are many things that go into opening a new server. The most notable being finding a server that is in demand and that we would be able to populate (preferably on the official tab in game). This automatically cuts out modded servers as the market for them is very saturated and our population is mostly vanilla based therefore most of them wouldn't be interested. As Chroner pointed out with most of his points being valid, a second Medium really wouldn't be viable. While there could be a good turnout, it could also be a huge risk. We pride ourselves on being an organization and maintaining strong communication with our community, but we also have somewhat of a business mindset in the sense that we have to make money in order to keep all of our systems running and be able to maintain them. So for that reason, a second Medium would be a huge risk for us. Another solution to expanding would be opening a server in another region. Europe of course jumps out as a very valid option, but there are other regions in the world that could be possibilities too such as Australia, South America, and Eastern Asia. Once we pick a location, then you are immediately dealing with new costs and new time zones which is another layer of responsibility and adaptation that our admin team has to make. Additionally, we are having to deal with a new host that we have never worked with before as our current host is for the most part US based. I could honestly go on to write a novel, but I think I've hit on the big points that popped into my head. There are most definitely more smaller things that you have to take into consideration but I think anyone reading this will get the point. With all that being said, it is definitely something we want to do, but it is a big move financially and otherwise. We want to try our best to make the right decision before making any big changes. This is honestly the dream. However, we're not allowed to keep these servers on the official list. It's kind of one of those things where if we have it, why not use it? I personally would love to see Facepunch give the okay and let vanilla servers add things like auto-lighting and other QoL mods that don't necessarily change the game-play completely or don't give others a huge advantage in their chances at success. It would be such a nice change that really wouldn't hurt anything and would make the players in general happier.
  15. Hey Moosers, This is going to be a long one for the people that need poop-reading material. If you just care for the juicy stuff, I left a TL;DR at the bottom. While we have been aware of it for some time, it has recently become the center of attention surrounding Rusty Moose |Main| so I think it's only fair that we explain what exactly is going on behind the scenes. Rusty Moose has been around since the very beginning of the legacy days, and as you can imagine, we have racked up quite a few player bans since then. Unfortunately, the original ban system in Rust was made without the thought that there may be a server with thousands upon thousands of bans saved. This has caused there to be a noticeable 'lag' of a few seconds whenever a new player is banned from one of our servers. This is just simply not okay. In the past, whenever we see this "ban lag" start showing up, we go in and clean out our ban list of all the automated bans that are placed by our system that running in the background, and it usually helps quite a bit. The only problem is this is more of a band-aid than an actual fix to the problem. Additionally, as we add more bans that are not automated, this method becomes less and less effective and lasts for a shorter duration. So to remedy this we are working on a new way to handle our bans which will completely eliminate this issue all together. While this is not 100% ready to be implemented, it is in the works and we're almost done. I'm hoping to have it live by either the 12th or the 19th. The map seed has been a nonstop battle with the community since the Procedural Map was introduced to the game. Every person has their own taste in what is considered the best map in the game. Unfortunately, we've had some really bad luck lately with the random seeds that we've been picking. It's important to us that we pick seeds that do not have the potential to favor one group over the rest of the server. What I mean by that is making sure that 2 major monuments are not right on top of each other and also making sure the the HQM quarry is as far away from the launch site or military tunnels as possible. It's quite simply just not fair to have these stacked up next to each other for one group to very easily control for a whole wipe. With that being said, we also definitely hear you that there has been way too much snow. We get it. The snow is cold as shit and impossible to survive at night without a fire. So we promise to try and pick better seeds that have a better biome distribution across the map. As for thoughts on how to fix the bad seed issue, we've considered making a "drop box" of sorts where people can submit seeds that they like and we just pick a random one, but it's not really a viable option as the map generator changes every month which can potentially completely change a particular seed. We also no longer take recommendations from players as they are likely to be biased when picking the map. Lastly, it is important to note that when there is a forced map wipe, it is impossible for us to know what the new seed is going to look like. The map generator websites are not updated and we have no idea what we're going to get. So for the forced wipe we simply have to face-to-keypad the seed and cross our fingers that we're not burned at the stake. If you made it this far, thanks for reading my rambling! <3 As always, thank you for your continued support and we'll see you on the island! Best, Rusty Moose Staff TL;DR the ban lag should be much better this week (the 5th) and it will be completely gone in the next few weeks. We will try to be more proactive when picking seeds but we're not making any promises and it's RNG half the time.
  16. Jexs

    Hey there, darksky10151 When a player connects with VIP it does not have any affect on the other players in the server. It simply adds another invisible slot to the server. That is why sometimes on wipe day our player count will read 310/300 because 10 people connected with VIP after it was already full. Hope this answers your question. I think you misunderstood what he was asking, Code.
  17. Have not implemented it yet. It is still in the works as we had some delays. It will be in within the next week, though.
  18. Jexs

    Damn I need to get back in there and check it out. Maybe in a few weeks I'll reinstall it.
  19. Jexs

    Welcome back to Rust, my dude. Always glad to see someone able to get a new PC to come back to the master race. Definitely stay active in our Discord too as there are many more active users in there.
  20. Jexs

    You and your friend were muted for being excessively toxic and obnoxious in chat.
  21. Jexs

    https://discord.gg/Dj4vKsM That one should work.
  22. Hey all, So we've been talking about changing up some of the wipe schedules for some of the servers for a bit now. We want to get the general opinion of the community before we make any decisions. This poll definitely won't be the final decision, but it will help us weigh the options a bit better. The game has been changing quite a bit recently as far as game play and performance is concerned and we think this calls for changes to our server roster as well. Keep in mind we haven't made any decisions yet and nothing is final. We're just testing the waters. Thank you, Moose Staff
  23. I'm not assuming. I'm speaking from experience. It's just human nature to pick something that will benefit yourself and/or your team. I only assume the worst about you, you filthy cannibal!
  24. Jexs

    I think overall you make some very valid points and I like where you're coming from but the technology just isn't there yet. The reason we have always kept main at 300 (aside from doing a 350 stress test this past wipe) is because we treasure the quality that we provide much more than the quantity or the profit. You're absolutely right in saying that we could bump our player count to 450 and sell 250 VIPs or something crazy but that just has no interest to us at the current state of the game. Now don't get me wrong, if the game itself could offer decent performance at those numbers, I would 100% be on board and it's something I dream about on a regular basis, but we're just not there yet. My end-game goal is to have a 500 pop (minimum) server with a 6k map (minimum) that wipes rarely. Let the game run it's coarse with decay and whatnot and just see what happens. This would allow for groups to be sneaky about where they put their loot and would allow people to save up for massive raids and PvP fights. Unfortunately, the game isn't anywhere near ready for this type of endeavor, but I hope to be the first one to implement something like this when it is. I do greatly appreciate your feedback, and it's definitely something we want to work towards, but we can't do more than what the infrastructure of Rust allows us to. Group size really doesn't have much weight on my decisions about the servers. People have to remember that this game is 100% structured around working in teams and with friends. People complain about the the game not accommodating solo players all the time, but that's simply because Facepunch can't. There has not been a single feasible concept presented that would remedy the issues surrounding solo players and small groups. With that being said, I definitely think that after a certain amount of people in a group the game just isn't fun anymore, but that is the beauty of the human race. We all have different preferences and ideas about every topic.
  25. Yeah the poll is mostly for the others. We more than likely won't be touching main. At least not in the current state of the game.


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