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  1. Hey I was just banned for no reason it says Rule # but that was 108 days ago 


    1. MisterKush


      Can you please fix this?

  2. Jexs

    US Mondays

    Map wipe only.
  3. Jexs

    EU Bi-Weekly

    Map wipe only.
  4. Jexs

    Forced BP Wipe

    All servers will be wiping blueprints.
  5. Jexs

    EU Mini

    Map wipe only.
  6. Jexs

    EU Main

    Map wipe only.
  7. Jexs

    US Hapis

    Map wipe only.
  8. Jexs

    US Bi-Weekly

    Map wipe only.
  9. Jexs

    US Mini

    Map wipe only.
  10. Jexs

    US Medium

    Map wipe only.
  11. Jexs

    US Main

    Map wipe only.
  12. Jexs

    EU Mondays

    Map wipe only.
  13. Jexs

    US Mondays

    Map wipe only.
  14. Jexs

    Forced Map Wipe

    All servers map wipe. All servers blueprint wipe except for US Monthly No BP Wipes.
  15. Hello..I have problem i get banned for nothing ?..I last week get vac ban on csgo ...i just buy game today to play with my friend on your server ...i get auto banned for that? i dont know what i do wrong ...can you help ?


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