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  1. I was playing with no cheaters how did I get Association ban????

  2. how do i cancel vip?


  3. Jecoa

    Why dont the admins ban for association? Clans get 1,2,3 even 4 people banned and the whole clan is still chillin 

  4. Здравствуйте, пожалуйста, мой аккаунт на вашем сервере не может быть обвинен во всем, что у меня нет внешних программ.

  5. horrible mod. very unfair and unreasonable


  6. Jexs

    US Hapis

    Map wipe only.
  7. Jexs

    US Bi-Weekly

    Map wipe only.
  8. Jexs

    US Mini

    Map wipe only.
  9. Jexs

    US Medium

    Map wipe only.
  10. Jexs

    US Main

    Map wipe only.
  11. Jexs

    EU Mini

    Map wipe only.
  12. Jexs

    EU Main

    Map wipe only.
  13. My purchased a VIP membership today and decided to cancel it straight afterwards, Do I get a refund ? 


  14. esdw5

    help me  why ban me 3day??? why??????

  15. Hello, I got disconnected from softcore server and I cant reconnect, dont know why

    Can you please Help Me, Im "Junky Funk " in-game

    Please and thank you

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