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  1. Wahooka

    I like fog.
  2. Wahooka

    Hi PilotBland, my name is Wahooka! Please to meat you! ?
  3. ….. 1st question, who the fuck is AJ?
  4. Wahooka

    The dream of a Canadian RP PVE server is dead ?
  5. There is a appeal to BPs wiping more frequently, as a fresh wipe where nobody has any BPs is most exciting.... But I would still prefer Accelerated 2.0
  6. Well I'd leave the vote up a bit longer, but when people do not bother voting it means they do not give a fuck. Most people don't even bother to vote for the leader of their own fucking country! I'd be okay with zero bonus sulfur.
  7. Furthermore I would like to ask Wojak be stripped of his authority for outing me as a furry, it's rude.
  8. While I do agree with what he says, I'm still voting for BP wipe every two months on a mod server. I don't mind one month BP wipes but I don't get much time to play during the week so I am almost always struggling. I'd like to see a player limit on a modded server, because if not a big group would just log in one day, farm enough sulfur to raid the entire server and leave after they kill the pop. Kind of like what happened last time we had accelerated. The extra sulfur makes big zergs the big population killer in my opinion.
  9. Wahooka

    Damn he knows where I live.
  10. Wahooka

    How is there not more votes on this thing? Ohhh ?
  11. REVIVE ACCELERATED OR FACE MY SQUIRRLY WRATH.... please and thank you.
  12. Wahooka

    Strange, this is not the ban appeal section. TRY AGAIN.
  13. Wahooka

    Better men and woman then you have tried.
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