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  1. Jexs. Tyrone is blatantly admin abusing. I was doxxed and instead of banning the doxxers, tyrone banned my whole team. My friend did put his phone number in chat (Kahzi) but i did not say ANYTHING. Please do SOMETHING about this, maybe check the ban appeals. I have screenshots of him muting me/my friends in chat for NO REASON. I am one of the top players on RUSTY MOOSE HAPIS and i really cannot be banned. Please im begging you to do something about this. He banned me and muted me the literal SECOND i joined the discord. You NEED to help me!

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    2. crispified98


      UPDATE im currently getting DDOSED and tyrone did not even ban the dozzer.

    3. agi lejon

      agi lejon

      Tyrone did the same too me


    4. crispified98


      dude he is such a bad admin

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