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  1. Jonny_Goodtime

    Ok, I was muted for saying "Coon" on Rusty Moose |Monthly|.. I did not mean it to be racist. I was chatting with someone named "Racoon" and shortened his name without thinking about it. May I please have an unmute on this server? I have been playing on this server for over a Month and I very much enjoy playing on RM Servers.. This is the first time I have been muted so I clearly do not run around saying racist remarks.. My name on Steam and this server is Jonny_Goodtime. Thanks, Jon.
  2. Jonny_Goodtime

    Thanks for the detailed response! I will definitely consider the VIP service. Much appreciated, Jon
  3. Jonny_Goodtime

    Hello all @ Rusty Moose! First off, I would like to say that I love these servers and the support/site is OUTSTANDING for something that you do for fun. I appreciate all the time and dedication you all put into this. Ok, now I just want to vent a little... PLEASE RAISE THE SERVER CAPS! I mean 60 + player wait during peak hours is a little outrageous. I take the time to wait, even though I have been working all day, clean up the house, put the family to bed, then I have to wait another hour plus to play. Sometimes longer. I usually start up the computer and join the wait well before I start playing.. The server runs fine maxed out. Very minimal lag, the developers have put a lot into this game to make it run smoother than ever so lets start pushing boundaries here. Maybe raise the caps only during peak hours?? I don't know, I could be reaching here.. But hey, I got time to kill, I'm #58 out of 68
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