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  1. No dude. It looks like it because it is a video that is shared by him. He cut the clips etc to make it look realistic and less fishier. just check his last bullets, sometimes they go crazy because his macro has to be restarted. AR spray pattern is repeating after 15th bullet. And his 16 17 18th shots go crazy because in order to restart the macro in a proper way, he have to stop holding mouse 1 then wait for gun to turnback normal then click agin so it will restart.
  2. if you can't see this CROSSHAIR, YOU ARE BLIND.
  3. Now Im telling you all! IF YOU WATCHING THIS VIDEO AND THINKING THIS GUY IS NOT USING A MACRO AND HOLDING HIS OWN AIM DOWN YOU MUST IMMIDIATLY STOP PLAYING COMPUTER GAMES OR EVEN STOP USING ANYTHING THAT WORKS WITH ELECTRICITY!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldtq3JN-EOA JUST WATCH! THIS GUY IS MACRO AND ADMIN IS DOING NOTHING ABOUT IT AND EVEN BANNING ME FOR CHEATING..... The guy named Taylor Swift is playing with this guy in Moosy EU monthly and he is headshotting 3 people at the same time in the blind dark!
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