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  1. @code404 -- lol uhh that wasn't the issue. its an unintended exploit of the two combined outpost bug and vip.
  2. In days of yore, rust would punt ya with 'a server is full' message and squeakers would reeeeee and spam reconnect in a wipe day ritual known as server reconnect ddos. Queues were added ~ devblog 159. Rust is at ~ devblog 215. Technically, VIP is a mod to the admins only skip queue command based upon a payment system.....
  3. Normally, you'd reconnect and sit in queue or wait 30 minutes to go back to outpost. VIP skips that. Normally you can't do that in the vanilla game when the game is high pop/queued. That would be VIP abuse.
  4. Pay2connect can be abused by vips killing people recycling or buying from vending machines at outpost ... just reconnect after the outpost kills ya. safe zone resets. Easy scrap and wood. Ree.


Errn is the owner and fearless leader of the Rusty Moose. She amazingly works 2 full-time jobs. The first to pay the bills and the second babysitting of all the Rust kiddies. She's also our local alcoholic wine connoisseur.


Jexs is our local programmer of most things related to our back-end. He also has a vast knowledge of game and web servers and helps keep everything running smoothly.


He's a furry. Drinks copious amounts of Mountain Dew. Avoid at all costs.


Tyrone is a long time member of our community and knows the game of Rust better than he does most things in life. He is a well connected member of the Rust community and has friends everywhere. He is a great source of information for anything related to Rust.


Dimon joined our team in January of 2019. He is a well connected member of the Rust streaming community and also has admin experience on large population Rust servers. He is a great addition to our team and will help administrate our EU servers as we branch out into that region.


Code404 joined our team in June of 2019 but was a part of our family long before. He started as a moderator and knows how we operate very well. He helps keep everyone in line and is a great source of information about Moose.

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