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  1. @code404 -- lol uhh that wasn't the issue. its an unintended exploit of the two combined outpost bug and vip.
  2. In days of yore, rust would punt ya with 'a server is full' message and squeakers would reeeeee and spam reconnect in a wipe day ritual known as server reconnect ddos. Queues were added ~ devblog 159. Rust is at ~ devblog 215. Technically, VIP is a mod to the admins only skip queue command based upon a payment system.....
  3. Normally, you'd reconnect and sit in queue or wait 30 minutes to go back to outpost. VIP skips that. Normally you can't do that in the vanilla game when the game is high pop/queued. That would be VIP abuse.
  4. Pay2connect can be abused by vips killing people recycling or buying from vending machines at outpost ... just reconnect after the outpost kills ya. safe zone resets. Easy scrap and wood. Ree.
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