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  1. MetalChain

    Intentional, if I used the square brackets like I should have, it'd actually make the font sarcastica, and the joke would be lost to everyone, but the same effect happened anyway, so, I'll fix it
  2. MetalChain

    Worked for me
  3. MetalChain

    I mean, if you get the drop on someone from a bush, or they're coming at you with a spear or bow from close, early on in the wipe, odds are you can get a whack in, and if it's a head hit, just put their poor asses out to pasture.
  4. MetalChain

    Less discussion. More voting. We're rigging the polls as we speak.
  5. MetalChain

    Dictatorship ftw
  6. MetalChain

    Mace. Fun, effective early game and easy to get.
  7. MetalChain

    Another thing to note... Resident fucker/admin mesmichael taught me to be less salty and let the salt fuel me. So trolling me isn't as feasible, and I'll be less ban/kick-happy. I want to apologize to anyone I lost my temper with, or let my personal shit interfere with. There have been quite a few, as ashamed as I am to say it. Hopefully it's fully behind me now, and I can answer questions more respectfully to newbies and members alike. ... Oh, and Errn, when's wipe? ~MetalChain2 EDIT: My title of "Uncontrollable boot swinger :c" is more self-awareness that I'm a bit too salty lately, not serious "I'll swing the boot if you piss me off and no one can stop me."
  8. MetalChain

    1/10 would flag spam
  9. MetalChain

    Hello, Meeses. I am MetalChain2. I'm a Sr. Moderator in the Discord and forums. I enjoy long walks down the ban list, and a nice sunset spent with my hammer. Seriously though, I am fairly sensible. Some things to note in the Moosecord, however... If you ask "when's wipe" or "wipe the server" in the chat, and I've told you before... I'll probably be a little bit of a dick. No, we don't have insider information. No, we don't have control of when the update hits. Yes, running the server is stressful to Errn. Yes, the server's gonna lag a bit if there's 500 people trying to join a 250 pop. No, "upgrade the server" isn't an option. Also, I'll mute Members for mic spam, and randoms get kicked for it. Bitching between each-other over "which kid is gonna get rekt this wipe" and getting too heated will get you muted, until you read the rules, fully. If you continue, I'll just ban you. I don't appreciate being played. Racism? Gone. Porn? (Happens) Gone. Just be smart. Think before you talk. If it's a lapse in judgement, I can understand that. I'm pretty decent at spotting intent, though. Have fun, MetalChain2. NOTE: I have no authority in the Rust servers. Most I can do for you if no admins are online is to tell you if it's even worth pursuing getting unbanned, and I can pass it along for you if you really want to pursue it. All I ask is that you don't send it to every admin, THEN come to me, and then I send it to them again. No es bueno.
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