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  1. [NL] Puddin

    We had a Winner Tempered Facemask!!!! Estimated Value $65 USD Wes, Navy Blue, Cohen and his Crew have earned it!!!. Stay tuned for more Drawings, and winnings!
  2. [NL] Puddin

    Updated with Correct Grammar and wording. Thank you Tyrone for Pointing out the Error
  3. [NL] Puddin

    On Rusty moose Monthly NA. Contest: Solo or Group that can the Clan 8ball the most during the rest of this wipe will win the Tempered Skin Face mask. it was purchased for $65 Rules: Take videos as Proof, and Pm codes of Doors to me on Discord Puddin#8110. Loot is your own or you may donate to the person or group of my choosing. Extra Credit: IF you collect 2 boxes of 8 ball Sqizz Skulls you will be gifted a random Skin as well, Not worth nearly as much, just because he wanted to be a Douschebag. Thank you all who enter. Good Luck and Good Hunting
  4. [NL] Puddin

    Correct, The average player may be a degenerate, However it is the 2nd time i have run into an admin, and both times gotten the " Fuck off " prompt. Also the Admin who set the ban, also handled the Appeal? That makes no sense to me. Especially since in the appeal he said he doesn't care and to fuck off. Those exact words? No. He Said it tho, its pretty damn obvious. Then o top of it, I say what happens in server chat, and i continued to, And i was muted for it. Permanently. ironic how i see people use all kinds of Rotten Language. But when someone mentioned raiding i said " If you Raid a Streamers based you will get banned for 5 days" I was warned and i replied with " Rusty Moose Monthly is like North Korea" I didn't say anything out of the ordinary or tell admins to fuck off. I wonder who did it to. If it is the Same admin, It would be terribly Ironic. I was muted in Voice chat, and Typing across all rusty moose servers. I have yet to appeal, i just find it ironic i see terrible language with temp kicks and i simply stated a fact i was angry about and i am permanently muted since then. I get stream sniping sucks, We have multiple small time streamers and people are actively stream sniping them. We have one guy with on average 4 viewers, and one with 20-30 another with in between. We are a small group. Dealing with Stream snipers is something we have to do on a daily basis. And there is a player on the server Named IBroncosI and SavageSmef who when we kicked them out openly admit to stream sniping and have threatened to do it to our small time guys just because they can, SO yes, i get it sucks. They will do it next wipe for sure as well so we have to prepare for it. I just wonder if i ask for Tyrones Help what kind of evidence i will need to secure so that I may combat it, And get people server muted and banned for 5 days and possibly more? I ask because the streamer himself said " Stream i dint ask anyone to get banned" So if no one asked for it, why did it happen? If i am going to stream snipe, i am going to make sure to be watching that and make sure we are successful. Especially since after re watching it he said " We have no melee weapons and no diving gear" and we did not swim away, we went for loot. Its not so much the ban i am mad about, Its the way it was handled after the fact. There was no recourse other than getting told to Fuck off. And getting told to repeatedly to fuck off. By the same admin, and there is zero recourse on it because we follow the rules and didn't post additional appeals because that is what you ask us to do. Just seems like a totally broken situation.
  5. [NL] Puddin

    Yesterday i was raiding someone named Lifestomper. Had some friends helping, i hate a plan on soft side foundations, and it takes me hours to accomplish. I enlist the help of friend swho come in at the tail end. I dont realize its some you tuber until someone tells me. One guy who is a small time streamer who has been stream sniper for weeks on end last wipe by two different guys who would camp doors and walls only when he was on was excited to be a part of this. He actually popped on the guys stream and was like dude its this guy, this is going to be Epic, i am more excited to do this, we even get to see his reaction when the moment occurs. Now, We got countered at the end, Because NO ONE stream sniped. Stream sniping is actively watching someone in hopes to see exactly what they are doing. Its liek the word "Toxic" Everyone uses it as some broad term But i digress. The point of this post is to have 1 thing explained to me by Tyrone or some admin, Not someone with 2 cents or some other BS, because i am truly confused after last wipe getting told we never had enough proof to prove a guy was sniping some poor guy with 6 viewers, 3 of winch were sniping him to see what door in a massive 10 gate compound someone was coming out of.... Rule 6 Says the burden of proof is on the Streamer Rule 6 States the Streamer must enact all the protections to avoid being Stream Sniped Rule 6 Dictates that the Streamer must ask for the action to be taken. Rule 6 states that if you want you can take action because its shitty to do. I get the last part. Especially since after re watching everything, we assumed all the loot floated to the top, So IF someone was Stream sniping, We would have known only bodies were up top and taken loot and run. We would have known when people came down after us. I also done get how Tyrone just runs rough shot, tells people to F off and laugh about it when supposed the Streamer himself encouraged people to watch his stream, just turn it off when you engage him. He said to do exactly that in game chats. HE also Does not protect himself AT ALL, by using any of the anti stream sniping methods. We did not seek this person out. He build a base with Exposed soft side foundations and twig near enough to a base i had access to to make a play, I made a play, and when the play is made, and we actually lost, everything in the end and got rolled over on, And did not stream snipe him, because again, after re watching his stream, would have been easy to camp a depot base and do a lot of other things that never happened because i said not to snipe the stream its very awkward. I am writing this because I want clarification. IF its "we are admins F off" Thats fine, I need to know if i further encourage people to play on the server and buy Vips for friends. It seems very... Disingenuous to not even speak to one side. But if that is the case then so Be it. And considering i have been told before to F off when i was raided by another streamer after he had someone pushed through in a que when a guy who who bagged in to help defend was held in the que, would be the 2nd time that with out much explanation i am just told to screw off it is what it is. I guess in the End, I confronted the streamer in his stream and he said " Chat lets get something straight, I never asked ANYONE to ban anyone" But if the burden of proof is on the streamer, And the streamer does not ask for, and in fact encourages everyone to watch his stream, Just not while your in confrontation with him, How are we suppose to play with said streamer? He told other people i play with " Watch the stream, just turn it off if we engage or when we do." I fully expect Tyrone to lock this, or tell me to F off after previous interactions and lack of discussion but i would like a genuinely serious discussion of this. Or at least update your Rule 6 to clarify stream sniping. Also, if i do a problem and i do run across the other side of the time where i cause some sort of infraction, IS it normal, for the Admin who took action against me, to then deny my appeal when he already has made his or her judgement the first time? Shouldn't someone else make a call on that? Oh and Lastly, Is it normal for Admins to come into Games and make sure the Streamer is doing ok? and checking on his well being?
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