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  3. @Ognennyy As the programmer who wrote our back-end and manages our VIP sales, what these guys said is exactly right. VIPs do not actually reserve a slot out of the max 350 players. It just simply lets them connect regardless of if there is a queue or not. So the first 350 players to join at wipe (regardless if they've bought VIP or not) will get in to the server and then any more connections that do not have VIP get put in the queue the VIPs just raise current pop over the listed max (as Code explained). Also, you mentioned that you were 100 in queue while the server read 100 online. This is because the player count on the server browser only says the number of players currently connected. It doesn't count the number of players that have been approved to join but are still loading in. So in reality it was 100 "connected" and 250 "joining" which makes up the full 350 slots. While I know it seems crazy to get put in queue that fast, yesterday the server had 390 players players joining and 200 in queue within 45 seconds of being online. It was pretty nuts. Hopefully our 3 replies clear it all up. Let us know if you have any further questions.
  4. Exactly what Blau said. With a server pop of 300/300, someone with VIP would become the 301st person on the 300 pop server. Then when someone leaves, pop goes back down to 300 and no one else can join until pop goes back down below the 300 max. VIP members are the exception, they can log in at any time.
  5. No, as per code and my previous responses, they do not reserve slots for players even VIP. VIP is simply a way to skip the queue entirely, no one gets kicked from a VIP joining what happens is if the server say is at 250/250 players and a vip joins the count goes to 251/250 see? They dont reserve slots and wont fill slots with fake players just to boost VIP sales. I'd say that its pretty evident with the fact thag theyre an official server...
  6. Sorry maybe that was a bit tactless. I do have a question about how you operate. Are there login slots in the server on wipe day that remain reserved for paying members, even if those members are absent and not logging in and filling those slots?
  7. I'll answer your primary question first. Each server has a small amount of VIP slots made available for purchase that allows the VIP to bypass that queue. Those VIP slots allow for us to afford the costs associated with running some of the highest end servers, website, and occasionally getting me a Diet Coke or 2. Now that I've explained the basics of how the world works, as-in things are not free, I think I'll explain how your "pay-to-win" concept is incorrect. At any time of the day or night, you can see how many players are on and connecting to any of our servers https://moose.gg/ssm/ You can even see who is actually on with a service like https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/rust?page[key]=11%2C2141915&page[rel]=prev&page[count]=1 So you're belief that we have 300 slots on the server and that we "hold" 200 in-order to "push" VIP sales is wrong. If we were trying to push VIP sales, do you thing we would be constantly sold out? Wouldn't we make more available to "juice" every cent? Just something to think on. And about the whole "I wouldn't find this so strange except that right before the restart each time there were fewer than 100 players online." part of your argument. Fewer people like to invest time in any game, whether it's Rust or not, just before they know the server is about to reset, deleting all their progress. So the fact that people are actually playing minutes before a reset is amazing. But comparing the number of people on the server 5 minutes before a wipe and 5 minutes after wipe doesn't even make sense. People get ready to log onto the server just after wipe since they know we have set times for wipe. If you have more questions on how we operate, don't be hesitant to ask. Send me a DM or something on Discord. But please don't try to call us "trash" in our own forums because you think you've found a conspiracy. The only conspiracy here is that Code404 is best Admin.
  8. How is letting people pay to get in but NOT giving them items for their money pay to win? You seem mad because you hate queues just do something while u wait. Also, they don't reserve slots if you're not VIP then its first come first serve on who gets in first.
  9. The last two non-BP wipes (so today, and two weeks ago today) I was at my computer logged in to moose main when the server restarted for wipe. Spamming "retry connection" both times resulted in my connecting and being in queue behind 100 players. I wouldn't find this so strange except that right before the restart each time there were fewer than 100 players online. I also noticed that there is a page where you can(not, because it says "out of stock") purchase "VIP" status to skip queues. Clearly the server is pay-to-win so we'll just skip that topic. But the question is, does this server just reserve 300 slots immediately after wipe, 200 of which are obviously just sitting idle waiting for people to log in? If that is the case, this server is trash.
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