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  3. Blau

    imagine being hateful of any gender or race or sexuality in 2019. now, the admins, those scumbags are the ones we should dislike.
  4. Blau

    its pretty dead in the mainstream though, also i think those 1 mill ppl are from asia/eu soo us NA ppl dont really see the action.
  5. Blau

    мне нравится, ты сервер, может быть, однажды я играю в ЕС, потому что мужчины мне нравятся
  6. Blau

    get off this website you dweebs and ur lfg shitposts piss me off ree and why did you have to highlight your text in blue thats my color bitch
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  8. Jexs

    I mean tbf they do still have 1m peak players every month. That's pretty wild. Probably need to delete the forum for it though.
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  10. CANSIN0945

    you can join my discord if you like we are recruiting new members to new discord server https://discord.gg/D7yZBK
  11. CANSIN0945

    join now
  12. CANSIN0945

    As a VODKA group we are making a new discord server and adding new members. We have about 6 active players at the moment. We are based out of NA but EU players are encouraged to apply. If you would be accepted into the group, you would live in a separate base than the main but with full access to everything except the tool cupboard. You must have over 1k hours, the rest is in the discord https://discord.gg/D7yZBK
  13. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
  14. Blau

    bad game is now dead game!
  15. Earlier
  16. InspectorBloorTV

    (This is all old news now but still fun to talk about XD Puddin helped with the upkeep and nothing but time was lost in the end) Almost correct save for a couple key points -The base being raided was out in the water on door frames, with the foundation SS exposed. So we were doing a navy seal operation XD -We had planned the raid and had it well underway (about 45-60 minutes of picking foundations) before he started streaming at all that night. -The guy who scouted the base/planned the raid/did most of the picking before the other 2 got involved knew it was the streamers base, but I did not. The 3rd guy involved knew it was a streamers base but was unfamiliar with the streamer entirely -He started streaming after we had begun . I had his stream open because I watch him occasionally, and he sometimes plays our server so its extra fun to watch him shit on people I recognize. -Once I saw him take a boat back to the base we were raiding, I realized it was his base, and started recording because this was going to be fucking great (this was prior to me letting twitch save my streams in their entirety so you do have to take my word on this) -I didnt close the stream, not because I wanted info on his whereabouts (we could just look up after all, the natural stream delay means this is a faster way to see if we are about to be discovered), but because I wanted to watch live as his base fell apart around him and sunk into the sea and see how he reacts. The raid was about the loot, not the streamer (we had seen them doing pirate shit/the oil rig very frequently, so it was a good bet for an Eco raid.) But yes, my big issue here is that an ADMIN who as watching the streamers stream, is a big fan of the streamer, and regularly checks in to see if he needs the admins help was the one who banned me. This same admin also handled my appeal and typed that (paraphrasing) "I wont even read this, /denied". He clearly stated in his response to the appeal that he wouldnt even read it. EVEN THOUGH the streamer did NOT request the ban, and wasn't even following the basic steps to prevent stream sniping that the admins claim they require The rules for stream sniping bans need clarification/more definition as Puddin pointed out above. We are taking such a big interest in this because a few wipes back, a streamer was allowed to skip the queue by an admin who was a fan of his. The streamer was in the middle of raiding Puddin, and because of the admins assistance, was able to successfully raid him even though a normal player would have had to wait in the 30min+ queue. The admins have a clear bias for BIG streamers, and bend the rules for them on occasion in unfair ways.
  17. chroner

  18. Wahooka

    If I am to understand this situation correctly, you were soft siding picking a base oh a streamer, while watching his stream. Now you say that you had no idea it was his base, and let's just assume I take you at your word for that for the moment. You were banned for stream sniping, and we all must ad admit, that having a person's stream open WHILE you raid their base is damning evidence... I mean when you knew he was your target if you switched to somebody else's stream for entertainment that would be okay. So I presume you are not so much upset that you were banned, but rather unhappy about the person who issued the ban is the one overseeing the appeal which you feel is unfair, would that be correct? Also assuming you are on a multi week server if your worried about your base decaying in 5 days.
  19. Wahooka

    Name was changed because they got a shit tone of mute appeals now, I presume.
  20. Jexs

    You're in the wrong place. There is an Appeal button in the navigation bar and on the homepage. You can appeal using that form.
  21. Blau

  22. Zinx

    Can you go back to how rusty low was? or maybe change one of your other servers to what rusty low was? 150 pop (bi-weekly wipe) maybe implement a group size? (not needed) pls?
  23. Doctordoolittle

    That is 100% true.
  24. smurfblue12345

    when i go to select a topic it says bann appeals but it wont let me click on it
  25. Blau

    Canada isn't real. You're all in the USA it's just a social experiment
  26. Blau

    I didnt reverse it I just wasn't clear enough.
  27. chroner

    admins favor streamers
  28. [NL] Puddin

    Correct, The average player may be a degenerate, However it is the 2nd time i have run into an admin, and both times gotten the " Fuck off " prompt. Also the Admin who set the ban, also handled the Appeal? That makes no sense to me. Especially since in the appeal he said he doesn't care and to fuck off. Those exact words? No. He Said it tho, its pretty damn obvious. Then o top of it, I say what happens in server chat, and i continued to, And i was muted for it. Permanently. ironic how i see people use all kinds of Rotten Language. But when someone mentioned raiding i said " If you Raid a Streamers based you will get banned for 5 days" I was warned and i replied with " Rusty Moose Monthly is like North Korea" I didn't say anything out of the ordinary or tell admins to fuck off. I wonder who did it to. If it is the Same admin, It would be terribly Ironic. I was muted in Voice chat, and Typing across all rusty moose servers. I have yet to appeal, i just find it ironic i see terrible language with temp kicks and i simply stated a fact i was angry about and i am permanently muted since then. I get stream sniping sucks, We have multiple small time streamers and people are actively stream sniping them. We have one guy with on average 4 viewers, and one with 20-30 another with in between. We are a small group. Dealing with Stream snipers is something we have to do on a daily basis. And there is a player on the server Named IBroncosI and SavageSmef who when we kicked them out openly admit to stream sniping and have threatened to do it to our small time guys just because they can, SO yes, i get it sucks. They will do it next wipe for sure as well so we have to prepare for it. I just wonder if i ask for Tyrones Help what kind of evidence i will need to secure so that I may combat it, And get people server muted and banned for 5 days and possibly more? I ask because the streamer himself said " Stream i dint ask anyone to get banned" So if no one asked for it, why did it happen? If i am going to stream snipe, i am going to make sure to be watching that and make sure we are successful. Especially since after re watching it he said " We have no melee weapons and no diving gear" and we did not swim away, we went for loot. Its not so much the ban i am mad about, Its the way it was handled after the fact. There was no recourse other than getting told to Fuck off. And getting told to repeatedly to fuck off. By the same admin, and there is zero recourse on it because we follow the rules and didn't post additional appeals because that is what you ask us to do. Just seems like a totally broken situation.
  29. Jexs

    Which server are you suggesting this for?
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