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My name is Pugsy. I just started Rust yesterday. I am playing with 2 people I met on a shore on another server. Just have a few questions. Is the server wiping weekly, bi-monthly? Since I am new to PvP what are some tricks to get started without taking from others? If I have to fight is a bone club or bone knife easier to fend off an attack? Thanks in advance.

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biweekly. go to combat tags. neither just run. 

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All of the information regarding our servers can be found here. Chroner is right about the PvP though. There are servers called combat tags where you can practice your skills with different types of weapons in the game. It helps you learn the basic mechanics, but of course you have to apply that to real gameplay too, which can be quite different in some situations.

My rule of thumb is this: If you hear gun shots and you don't have a gun yourself, then run. Anything else it's best to have a bow and keep practicing with it until you get the hang of it. It'll help you in the long run getting started on wipe day or in general.

Best of luck out there and we'll see you on the island.

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