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I have some suggestions for the accelerated server :)

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- Make the stacks of everything twice of what they were before besides meds, bandages and anything else with small stacks that could be overpowered.

- Make resources (metal, wood, stone, etc...) be 2k stacks since its a 2x server, resulting in the storage aspect to be similar to vanilla since it would even out.

And is crafting time half as well as smelting time doubled? Maybe only make smelting 1.50x faster and crafting half.



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It's my understanding that the accelerated server's only modification is 2x gather. NO change to craft or smelt time. I do agree having a larger stack would make a bit more sense since gather is more.

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@Mama BearThe resources currently stack to 5k. I believe Perfect meant he thinks they should be 2k to mirror how vanilla is only 1k and 2x that would be 2k not 5k.

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I like the idea of the stack sizes decreasing, may decrease quality of life but makes it seem more vanilla like , like how upsurge has theirs, as for smelting times I personally think they are perfect, one of the main reasons I love moose modded 

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@TriggeredLet me get this straight.
You want the modded server Accelerated to "seem more vanilla like"?
Did I get that correct?

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Any other suggestions?

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