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bad game

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Agreed. Kill 3rd person and I buy it!

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1,000,000,000% agree. 3rd person shooters are the worst thing to appear in PC gaming.

People always say there is a 1st person option, but it's just not the same. 3rd person has an obvious advantage and I find it ridiculous. If I'm playing a story mode offline game and have to be sneaky, then sure, let me peek around a corner. But when I just played 40 minutes collecting loot and killing people all for it to come to me taking a big fat L because some asshole wanted to hide behind a rock and play the 3rd person advantage, that is just bullshit. What happened to having skill be a requirement to win and flat out reaction time and better aim. It's nonexistant in this game it feels. 

On the other side, they do have 2 new maps in the works which I think can make me interested in the game again assuming they implement them correctly. And they are also working on a "hardcore" game mode which is 1st person only, but I only see that working if they improve the first person quite a bit. Or at least let us raise FOV past 45 or w/e the hell it is locked on now. 

All in all, shit game in it's current state, but has potential. 

Don't even get me started on the amount of money they've made without a single major release in 4+ months... WOO SAAAHHHH

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