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Announcing Rusty Moose |Asia Main|

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Hello Moose,

As many of our regulars know, we've been hoping to expand into new regions to help provide all Rust players around the globe a safe and fun place to call home. I'm very happy to announce that we'll be able to do just that in the Asia Pacific.

This new server is mostly in thanks to the very large SEA and AU communities reaching out to us begging for us to open a server in their region. If you are one of these people, we appreciate your kind words and consistency. It means a lot that we have been able to reach so many of you from this side of the planet. :)

We'll be matching the rest of our roster for now with weekly map wipes, monthly blueprint wipes, max of 300 slots, and a wipe time of 17:00 GMT+8 (20:00 AEDT). These are subject to change if we made a mistake or we're unaware of something at the time of writing this up.

Lastly, we're happy to say that we'll be "soft launching" this server on October 17th with the full launch on November 7th with the forced wipe and update. This basically just means we'll have the server fully functional and online for this coming wipe, but won't be doing all the advertising we can until closer to forced. It's more so people can get it in their history or added to their favorites before forced. 

Feel free to leave a message down below with any comments, questions, or concerns and we'll check them out.

As always, thank you for your continued support and we'll see you on the island! :wookiee_dance:

Best Regards,
Jexs & Rusty Moose Team

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5 hours ago, Wahooka said:

The dream of a Canadian RP PVE server is dead ?

That dream was never even alive to begin with.

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WTF FIX THE SERVER ALREADY??? it lags every fking time i try to do something  Most Stupid server i have ever seen everyone is just ddosing no admins are active server gets stuck every 2 seconds Like Why are you not doing anything are you high on something if u are not gonna fix it or you cant fix it just fking close the server or tell us so we can leave playing on this fking server....

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Alright, you need to chill out.

First of all, you cannot DDoS a server only for certain people so that only you and your friends can play. It doesn't work like that. So no, it is not some guy on the server doing it so he can get loot easier. The server has been getting attacked since the day we put it online (which we feared might happen). There is nothing we can possibly do about it as the host/data centers in this region of the world are not equipped to be able to handle attacks of any moderate size.

Secondly, that guy is clearly trolling or something. If you think someone is breaking our rules or shouldn't be on the server I recommend you use the in-game F7 report function as we get all of those.

I'm sincerely sorry that the server is getting attacked constantly and is unplayable for most people, but there's nothing we can do about it. Trust me, if there was we would have done it by now. We don't like seeing it get attacked any more than the players trying to play on it.

Please stop spamming this thread with 10 replies.

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