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Cinema Server Downtime

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Errn    66


EDIT:  This happened, it's down now (7/8/2017).  No ETA when its back up I'll post another update here when it returns.

Hey guys!  Cinema server will have some downtime coming up here in the next few days/weeks.  The Amazon account we have it hosted through needs to be transferred internally and will experience some downtime during the transition.

This means that any time between next week and 3 weeks from now, it will go offline.  
The downtime is expected to take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks.  I unfortunately am not able to get anything exact at the moment but I will post updates here if I'm able to pinpoint the downtime better.

You can keep using it till then!  Stock up on your footage to get you through for a few weeks.  There is a forced wipe this week so I will change up the seed so you have something fresh to get you by.

This also means granting access to the server us paused till it's all transferred and back online.  We're working on some better methods in the meantime for those that don't have access yet, to get an application in easier. When I launched the server I never thought we'd end up with 110 people having admin privs on it.  It gets hairy and people don't always follow the rules. We have to change things up a bit.

Sorry for any disruption this may cause for some of you.  I really do enjoy being able to provide it to you guys, so eating some downtime for a couple weeks is better than having to shut it down completely.

Keep an eye here (& twittter) and check back for updates!


-Errn   :wookiee_dance:

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