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The birth of a Monday Moose! New server joins the family as we say goodbye to another.

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Jexs    67

Today is a very sad, but also exciting day for us here at Rusty Moose. As many of you are already aware, our modded 2x gather server has been struggling to stay afloat recently and the IP change we had a few weeks ago pretty much put the nail in the coffin. Taking many opinions into account, we've decided to make some major changes to the 2x server in hopes to provide a more fun and exciting environment.

The settings of the new modded 2x server:

  • Monday wipe schedule. Set time is still being determined, but we'll let you know soon.
  • 2x resource gather
  • Increased component spawns. For those of you that have played on our modded trio server, it will be the same config as that server.
  • Max group size of 4 players

As for mods, it will have the same as the old modded 2x:

  • Half-craft times
  • Enhanced Hammer
  • Auto lighting
  • Quick smelting
  • Larger stack sizes

This server will be wiping today (Tuesday) and again every Monday.

For existing VIPs we will have 2 options for you:

  1. You can transfer your VIP to any of our servers and it will be reset to last 30 days.
  2. You can be refunded for the time of your VIP that remains. For example, if you have 15 days remaining, you will be refunded $5. 

Please open a support ticket or reach out to any admin on Discord if you need any assistance.

We look forward to these changes and we look forward to seeing you on the island!

Regards, Moose.GG Staff

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Jexs    67
26 minutes ago, chroner said:

Will vip's on this server still have the vip care package or are y'all tossing that too? 

Those will stay as of right now :)

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Wahooka    8

Nobody lets me play when there's a group limit. Apparently nobody needs a guy to cut up dead people in small group servers. :(

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Wahooka    8

I think A Sunday wipe would be better as more people are off work/school and thus able to enjoy the hype of the wipe. :wookiee_dance:

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