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Hi Im Kallen

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Hi im Kallen...

Im a 26 year old who loves gaming welyn is the reason I joined rusty moose because I wanted to play rust and iv had it for a wile 

Im kind of new to rust and still figuring things out mostly a grinder I want to try to pvp more Oh and I only play monthly

Love most games but my favs are

star wars bf2 the older one Iv sunk so many hrs into it I broke 2 ps2's and one disk just playing it

Age of empires 2 classic IMO

apex legends pretty sweet game if you ask me (xbox one)

I could go on forever on games I like tbh

I have a learning disability for those of you who think it can be fixed it can not I get that alot  people think well just go back to school I have my diploma if you need to know what it is they invented google for a reason know your stuff before you talk

I did stream im a twitch affiliate my laptop can barely handle rust so I cant stream it sadly

I actually might not be around long although I want to stay I will be getting kicked out here soon I only have till the end of the month and like 70$ to my name so rip on that although im seeking help from my work and stuff so thats cool

I have loved my 1st month here on rusty moose and hope to spent more time here

Thanks for reading ;)

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im going to make it my mission to seek you out on monthly, have a nice day!


Also I think you will find the servers to be of the upper levels of what servers are.


Enjoy your stay u bot.

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