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unmute appeal

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i was muted for saying "ni**a" in chat. both voice and chat muted. i really dont care about the chat, but i would like my voice unmuted. dont worry i wont say it again.

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Really interesting how hard it is for people to not say a word...


But the autism within this community never fails to amaze. I'm also fairly experienced with being muted so I would have recommended just submitting a support ticket or contacting the admins directly.


Also, auto mutes expire in ~1 hour. I think this is what happened in your case unless you said it in front of an admin.

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Ok, I was muted for saying "Coon" on Rusty Moose |Monthly|.. I did not mean it to be racist.  I was chatting with someone named "Racoon" and shortened his name without thinking about it.  May I please have an unmute on this server?  I have been playing on this server for over a Month and I very much enjoy playing on RM Servers.. This is the first time I have been muted so I clearly do not run around saying racist remarks.. My name on Steam and this server is Jonny_Goodtime.   



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Lol so this is the unmute appeal thread now? 



Guess ill be here alot 

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We have an appeal form. Not sure why you'd post here instead of checking that. Anything related to the language filter is only one hour and automatically lifted. 


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