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Well tonight has been fucked. What should we do?

The way I see it is we have 2 options. Let me know what you choose.  

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  1. 1. What do?

    • Get the servers up as soon as we can tonight with possibly more crashes and just go with the wipe.
    • Get the servers back up when there is a stable build and then wipe again tomorrow at a set time (TBD).

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1 minute ago, Nate477 said:

Wipe it. People wont play a unstable server.

Server performance will be fine when they update it soon it just will take time for the Oxide Devs

1 minute ago, KtotheAhZ said:

You realize not every player on this server is someone who only plays on this server, right?

The longer they wait, the bigger the chunk of players they lose. All because they want to be able to use their VIP plugins and things like that. If the admins were smart, they would have taken the L and disabled that shit the first time it caused a crash.

Server will have that shit tomorrow

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1 minute ago, dotmag said:

Guess were not playing this wipe. pce

not surprised trash clan

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just start the server and go with the wipe. 
Ive waited 5 hours for the freaking wipe  and when it finally happens i wait over 2 hours to specifically play your server. 
Honestly if this doesn't come back up tonight me and the rest of my group are officially done with Rusty Moose. For a first time experience this was AWFUL.

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I can't leave my chair bc I keep refreshing the server and I just wet myself, help?

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I feel its better for us people who have work and school tomorrow, if you guys just wiped it at a set time tomorrow. Its more beneficial and people wont get a head start because they stayed up until 6 am 

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