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Should Chat Filter Bans Be Reviewed by Staff? Should Hapis Have More Specific Chat Rules?

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I was recently temp-banned for 24 hours on Rusty Moose | Hapis. By the chat-filter.

Among the many players on Rusty Moose's servers, there is always bound to be a troll or two in each server. For example, me. I was once in a big clan, called NASA, whom most of the server hated for being:

a. Toxic to enemies.

b. We broke alliances.

c. We talked shit for fun.

d. We had slaves whom we betrayed.

e. We were a clan of trolls.

Now, I'm well aware that coming across a 17 man filled with trolls is highly unlikely on any server, and I don't mean just petty trolls, we got under people's skin more often than not. After me and this clan had a little falling out if you will after I shit talked OG, a clan known for offlining even the smallest of zergs (even solos!), into onlining us, which they then they offlined us, I talked more shit which made them continuously wipe us which made my clan run off to another server. NASA was mad at me, and I was mad at them for not understanding it was all just me trolling. Well things turn out I'm not in NASA anymore, but I moved back to Hapis.

From there I trolled day and night, 24/7. Rust was practically the only game I played for a couple months. I've gone by many names as I've been making enemies. My last name was p, I actually made a lot of friends as p. People liked p. My current name is i cry when i pee. I played with this name for ten minutes. Why only ten minutes you ask? The chat filter. And if I'd known what I was saying was a bannable offense, hot damn I wouldn't have said it, but here I am, making this post on a Thursday wipe night when I was just trying to have some fun.

What did I say? I said "guys i'm actually a YouTuber with 900k subs." That was literally it. No context, no arguing, just a simple joke. It was harmless. Server had just wiped, I spawned on the beach and farmed trees and nodes I saw, had enough to build a 2x2 with an airlock and some honeycomb, had some doors crafted, everything was going good. Lost all of it for a joke. No warning kick, no nothing. I bet people in chat were even shocked to see I was banned for that. Nobody even knows that saying you're a youtuber with this amount of subscribers is a joke. The only chat filter that is advertised as bannable is racism. This is why I think all Rusty Moose servers should undergo two changes.

I believe that chat bans should still be in place, but only the racist ones, such as the hard r. Not the one with an a at the end, that one's not really racist, people sort of just say that to their friends and refer to their friends as that. I believe other chat bans, like the joke I made should be looked into by an actual person. It's common sense that no YouTuber with 900k subs would advertise their channel on a Rust server. It's just counterproductive. These are small problems that when fixed would make a big difference. Imagine getting banned because of a message you sent that doesn't even apply to the server's own rules.

Speaking of Rusty Moose's rules, the only bans regarding sending chats are;

  • Rusty Moose has zero-tolerance for any form of racism or bigotry on our servers.
  • Do not type it, do not write or draw it on a sign, and do not say in in VoIP chat.

Where is saying that you're a YouTuber with this amount of subscribers? There is nothing that indicated this as a chat filter trigger. Imagine how many other chat filters there are that unsuspecting players type in chat every now and then, and then to their surprise, they've been wrongfully punished! I know this goes into bad detail, and with my low persuasion skills, I doubt that this will really appeal to anybody's interest. I just wanted to shed some light on the subject, and hopefully someone will come along and relate to this and help advocate this forum post.


Thanks for taking time from your day to read this, and making it this far, when others probably clicked off of this post.


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It just means that you triggered the chat filter multiple times. You don't get a ban for only triggering it once. 

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I'm 99% sure that you saying "I'm a YouTuber with x amount of subs" isn't what got you banned. I bet that you triggered the chat filter with the n word a few times. Just my opinion though 😀

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