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Free Temporary VIP Status for 2 minutes after disconnecting

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I think everyone should have VIP for just 2 minutes after disconnecting from a server, because of occasional crashes and such.

Its only fair, you've already waited your time and earned your spot in the server, and probably ended up disconnecting out in the middle of a field 

with all your loots and gear on you.  Such players need priority to re-connect. 


Its not like you gain much of an advantage over other players in the end.  Queue right now is taking me over an hour.

My internet is acting up and i just cant do anything about it without waiting another hour.  

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That is the reason we currently have regular VIP.
Regular VIP is to bypass the queue for either busy days or disconnects.

That and to pay for the servers.

Your idea can be abused a few different ways.
I won't go into detail about how to do those, but the methods exist.

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10 man group on? but your other 2 buds are in position 6 and 7? lets all log off and then log back on to get them in right now!

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4 hours ago, Brad Ford said:

10 man group on? but your other 2 buds are in position 6 and 7? lets all log off and then log back on to get them in right now!

You are a smart cookie.

And THAT is just one reason we don't do that free VIP for disconnecting.

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