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Roof Camping VS Defending the Base

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Many words have been said about the ROOF CAMPING, however I want to point out the difference between ROOF CAMPING and DEFEND THE BASE. Roof camping is considered when a player is exclusively on the roof of his house shooting both close players and those who without any intentions pass near their base. Defending the base from the roof when one or more players are constantly besieging it can not be considered a roof camp because it is the only sure means of the base owner to keep intruders away. I think there is a marked difference between both ways of acting and the admins should ask the players to stop crying when they attack a base and kill them from the ceiling.


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Why would we interfere either way?
Both roof camping and defending the base are part of the game.
Crying is a part of life.

Also, if an admin responded each time someone cried foul, then we would need to increase cost of VIP to afford paying someone to sit and pamper those poor, poor children.

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You are allowed to roof camp or defend your base, but both are discouraged. :wookiee_dance:

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Just to clarify:

1. you are allowed to roof camp.

2. There will be no point in pointing out to people that you are defending rather then roof camping, as if they feel you are offended by being called a roof camper they are going to keep doing it because they are mean.

3. They will not ask people to stop accusing you of roof camping.

Have a nice day.

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You are allowed to both roof camp and defend your base in any way.
As long as no hacking/cheating is done.

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