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Another Wipe thread...Sorry.

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Hey guys, Ive been playing on the low pop server and have been having a good time but I am a little confused and curious about the wipes and maybe ya'll can clear it up for me.

So I know blue prints are on the 7th this coming up month, I would assume this also wipes the map because it'd just be weird to have bases all over but no one can do anything except the ones who stockpiled aks before losing bps.

My main question is that if the map wipe is this coming up this Thursday 30th, but then we only get a week with a new map before its all wiped again on the 7th, whats the point?

it just seems weird from my perspective I guess but I'm probably not getting something. It just seems  counterproductive to have the wipe days offest and seems sort of a waste of a week, I see 0 reason of really building up and doing anything before bp wipe, everyone that has stocked up will either 1. restock and go raid crazy and get crap because no one else wanted to grind and  build up for a week? Maybe I am missing something? 😣

It could be more of a 1st day of the month  bp/map wipe, wait 15 days then map wipe, wait 15(or 16) days then map&bp wipe again at the first of the month, it would be less confusing for new players(IMO). Or something more spoon feedy like a calendar on the website for the new players that tells them specific days there isn't specific info (that i could find) other then when you logon it says bi-weekly wipes, bullet points about the server and then you gotta go to server info and see when it last wiped.

Thanks again guys for any info regarding this, its appreciated,  You cant get a straight answer ingame with 9 trolls saying wipe was yesterday over the 1 person that "might" know.


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Hey there @Sadmoto,

I'm glad you're asking questions because it helps us better understand the train of thought of new players that don't understand the standardized convention of Rust wipes/updates. It is very easy for us to miss these types of things since we've been doing this for years and years. So I appreciate you reaching out.

Here is a quick breakdown of how the Rust wipes/updates go pretty much throughout the community and hopefully that will answer most of your questions, but I'll also add a few more details.

There are a few different terms that are used pretty much globally in the Rust world. Here's a quick list of the most important:

  • Wipe, map wipe, non-update wipe - Generally is used to indicate only a map wipe. Meaning player blueprints are not affected in any way.
  • Blueprint wipe, full wipe - Generally used to indicate that the map as well as the blueprints will be wiping.
  • Forced wipe - There is an update from the developers (Facepunch) that will require all servers to wipe their map, but will leave blueprints intact.
  • Forced blueprint wipe - There is an update from the developers (Facepunch) that will require all servers to wipe the map as well as the player blueprints. These are very rare, but are sometimes required depending on what the update contains.

Now that we have the terminology out of the way, here is how the updates to the game work:

  • Historically, Facepunch released a game update every week on Thursday around 2-4 PM CST. This was the standard for 4 years and players became accustomed to it. Most servers simply adopted this as their wipe schedule (if they were weekly wipe servers) and wiped at the time of the update every week.
  • Nowadays, the update schedule has moved to monthly and it is always the first Thursday of every month around the same time as before. These updates always result in a forced wipe as a bi-product.
  • While blueprints are not forced to wipe every month, we have decided to wipe Rusty Moose's blueprints at the time of the update every month.

Lastly, the reason there is a 1 week wipe at the end of this month is because August has 5 weeks in it as far as Rust in concerned because there are 5 Thursdays this month. Since Low is bi-weekly, that means it wipes the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Thursdays. We could technically just make the second wipe a 3-week wipe but that is a bit long when players don't expect it. So we decided to go with a 2 week, 2 week, and 1 week wipe instead. It seems to be the best received schedule in general.

I know this ended up being a damn novel, but if you made it this far I'm glad. :) Hopefully this clears up some of your confusion. Let me know if not though and I'll follow up. I really like your idea about the calendar and I might just do that this afternoon. I never even thought about using it for a wipe schedule to help the new players. That's a great idea. I also plan on making a FAQ page with pretty much everything I said in this post, just in a much more organized manner. ;)

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Thank you very much for clearing that up I appreciate the novel ^^ and it makes sense, I didn't realize that updates come with the first of the month from facepunch and how the days landed in the month, I've only had the game for about a month so I'm still learning the ropes. It was one of those silly things I gotta be told..real...slow....like... xD

So would next month only be the two 2 week intervals since it isnt 5 thursdays like this month if I'm getting this right? full wipe on sept 6th, map wipe on 20th, then full wipe again on oct 4th?


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15 hours ago, Sadmoto said:

So would next month only be the two 2 week intervals since it isnt 5 thursdays like this month if I'm getting this right? full wipe on sept 6th, map wipe on 20th, then full wipe again on oct 4th?

That is exactly right. I'm glad you appreciate my novel! :)

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