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Ban Lag Fix Is In!

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Hello all,

As you can tell from the title, the much anticipated new ban system is in for all Moose servers. Over the last week we have made some major changes to our back-end to accommodate for some big things that we're working on. This will not affect the average player, but it makes our lives as admins much easier.

Some key things to note:

  • All servers have now merged their ban lists. This means that if you were banned on Low 6 months ago and have been taking refuge on Main since, you will now be banned from there as well (and all other Moose servers).
    • These new merged bans should be treated like any other. You can appeal them on our website here: https://moose.gg/appeal
  • From now on, if you are banned from one of our servers, you will automatically be banned from all of our servers. No exceptions.
  • Ban lag, in theory, should now be eradicated. We have yet to test this with high populations (lol oops) but we are very confident it will not even be felt when a ban processes.
  • No we will not be making our ban list public. This may change in the future, but it is somewhat unlikely.

Thank you for your continued support! As always, we'll see you on the island.

Best Regards,
Rusty Moose Staff

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Yay! I didn't know bans weren't across all servers. So that's fantastic. Hoping the config list to the servers being combined helps the 'ban lag.' Guess you'll find out when you test on the high-pop servers. lmao

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No public wall of shame for the banned? BOOO!


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