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  3. denzelwashingmachine

    When it takes 2-3 wipes before someone is actually banned that is pretty bad. And when its ESP it requires an admin that is active and able to check things out clipping it doesnt do enough. There was a time where you could call an admin over in chat to your location and the problem would be solved. Banned on all servers? im not 100% sure about that looks more like they got kicked and hopped on medium tbh but i'll take your word for it. If you were active and playing you would understand my concern and why I brought this up now because the amount of hackers on medium is ramping up higher than I have seen in a long time. This post was to address that and raise the concern. Which I have done I rarely complain/report because I dont believe in constant hackusations. Will leave it at that though this isnt a pissing contest. Wish everybody the best and hope someone finds the time to look into this matter. Like they have in the past.
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  5. Dimon

    "I rarely ever complain or report" Maybe you should start doing that! Admins are active on all servers. If they get banned on main they get banned on all moose servers so i'm not quite sure what you are talking about there.
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  8. denzelwashingmachine

    We need more active admins on medium you guys don't realize the hackers getting boot off main just hop on medium with esp and tear shit up would really appreciate it if someone was able to jump on here and there and scope that out. I rarely ever complain or report but there has been an influx lately of hacks out last wipe or 2 seen a few duos running side ways triple headshotting multiple ppl with l96 and camping monuments like bandit. Starting to feel like legacy days. Thanks probably wont bother this entire wipe until things clear up goodluck to everyone else.
  9. Jexs

    I mean it'll eventually be relevant again in like 2025 at this rate, right? I do hope they go somewhere with the game though. It's been the dream for years now.
  10. Jexs

    There are no maps you can draw on anymore, but as Blau said, there is the in-game map. Other than that playrust.io is probably your best bet for the time being.
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  12. chroner

    to be fair i'm not an admin lol does suck that you've played here so long and are being treated like this. but it is what it is. make sure to finish your calc homework
  13. i believe tyrone is intentionally supressing me; to layout my case this post will be in 3 chapters, the ban, the appeal, the silence. Chapter 1: the ban. during the weekend popular streamer coconutB started playing on my main server (rusty moose monthly) i had been set up with a base towards satelite dish and water treatment which is very close to where he later (after me) moved in. we rarely fought as i had no idea who he was until in game tyrone had appeared out of the blue wearing nothing flying with a rocket launcher aiding coconutB in getting a cheaters loot who had recently been banned. You can check cocos vod on sunday at around 3:30 hours in. I recognized his Cocos voice as ive watched him for years. I took to discord to complain about the interference and was banned shortly after. So then i took to reddit where my post Which wasnt meant to call out as in the title i stated that i was merely looking for explanation and policy in regards to admin interference and there i was met with my post being removed after a rather stern comment from tyrone who took the post the wrong way. flashing forward the next day Tyrone was arguing with a guy in chat when i obnoxiously and wrongly called him out in chat for admin abuse as he contributed to cocoB getting a hackers loot. I wasnt warned wasnt muted wasnt even kicked, I was perma banned from all rusty moose servers for "StreamSniping/Toxicity/Douchebagery". to address the two later reasons, Those are simply not layed out in any rulebook for rusty moose, as i said no racist/sexist or bigoted things. And as of streamsniping, i simply didnt do it, i never fought coco as far as im aware as i only fought one group who i know not to be him the day of my ban, i wouldnt risk getting banned for something as pitiful as streamsniping when ive enjoyed hundreds of hours on this server. So to recap i didnt encounter coco once the day of ban, i was banned for two things not stated any where in rules, i said nothing racist or bigoted, and no proof was given as of me stream sniping i was no where near cocos base the entirety of the day i got banned and ive played on the server for hundreds of hours; burden of proof is required when banning someone for streamsniping, and neither coco or anyone else for that matter has reported me or given any evidence that i infact streamsniped him. So there you have chapter one, the reason i was banned. moving onto chapter 2: After getting banned for litterally no reason i followed the regular channels. i posted in ban appeals where i was ignored for 12 plus hours while others who posted infront of me where dealt with immidietly, Then the final chapter Silence: i was in lingo for nearly 24 hours before i had enough, i dmed admins multiple times reposted my ban appeal and had my teamates ask tyrone ingame why i was banned, tyrone turned off chat in game as soon as my friends asked and most admins didnt respond; except for one, chronics stepped forwards stating the true reason of my ban, he told me that he believed that i was banned for calling out admin abuse and saying "shitty situation tbh" He later deleted said comment and silence continued. in school i decided to try again, and eventually got a response from tyrone who said in dms that chronic wasnt a admin implying that he had no jurisdiction over my case, even tho chronics title is something along the lines of appeal admin, This is litterally his job. Mlady errn eventually responded laying out my punishment saying that me a 16 year old would have to write on paper Rusty moose is the best im a little toddler and that tyrone (a adult) is my daddy. not even going to talk about the blatant inappropriateness of the embarrassing punishment i received for doing nothing wrong according to her own guidelines. I DID what she asked and silence continued and continued and continued, i had been banned from my favorite server as a former vip member who helps run the damn thing, for doing litterally nothing wrong, and this is where i broke i dmed more admins told my friends to ask again in chat (which was met again with the entire chat being turned off) and all admins where quite; except for chronics who responded to one of my replies i screenshotted it before it couldve possibly been deleted like his previous and it will be linked down below. I replied to my own post which has now been viewed nearly as many times as the recent announcement of eu monthly, asking if i could just be muted and was meet with "sorry man cant do anything against the bosses orders". a admin whos sole job it is to review ban appeals was directly told by his "boss" to not do anything regarding my individual case. I hold no grudges against anyone involved, i love this server and i just want to play on it. but i believe i was treated unfairly by its main admins, i seek no revenge or persecution of those who did me wrong, only solvency. -Squeks The KidMy original ban appeal
  14. Blau

    uhm... you do know theres an ingame map... press g
  15. Blau

    ban this retard
  16. Code404

    Sooo.... you're recruiting players from our lovely Rusty Moose community to go play in a cancer zerg/clan on ANOTHER server? Hmm...
  17. chroner

    20man on a 4x ? ? ? what thats my application btw ^

    big rust clan have about a 20 man zerg need more activate members RG RUST CLAN WE PLAY ON A 4x rusty server HOURS: over 500 GOOD AT PVP SCALE FROM 1-10: BUILDING SKILLS 1-10:
  19. Pulse1259

  20. Just fill out a support ticket and we will get that refund to you. As long as that VIP was purchased recently. https://moose.gg/support/ We do not have the ability to transfer VIP.
  21. So i ment to buy a VIP for the rusty moose EU (Monthly) And i bought a regular one by accident. How can i switch it or get a refund?
  22. Scottish the Roleplayer

    im not mad im disapoint.
  23. I feel its better for us people who have work and school tomorrow, if you guys just wiped it at a set time tomorrow. Its more beneficial and people wont get a head start because they stayed up until 6 am
  24. I can't leave my chair bc I keep refreshing the server and I just wet myself, help?
  25. Wiping would be dumb asf
  26. just start the server and go with the wipe. Ive waited 5 hours for the freaking wipe and when it finally happens i wait over 2 hours to specifically play your server. Honestly if this doesn't come back up tonight me and the rest of my group are officially done with Rusty Moose. For a first time experience this was AWFUL.
  27. not surprised trash clan
  28. take this game and put it in the butt
  29. juicebonesjones

    Server performance will be fine when they update it soon it just will take time for the Oxide Devs Server will have that shit tomorrow
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