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NA Mondays

NA Servers

Event details

This event began 10/05/2020 and repeats every week for 3 occurrences

NA Mondays wipes at 5pm EDT. This will wipe the map and change the map seed.  This is NOT a blueprint wipe.

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why not wait till next monday i mean some of us are on here grinding hard it would at least gives us time to go hard for another week i figured after the force wipe u least let us have some days to play please extend it until next monday

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i dont understand isnt a force wipe a wipe i mean i get how yall do it but please consider waiting till next monday it would be a couple days extra im sure hella players would love this specially when ur solo and working ur but off to stay some what on top and i

thought since it was wiped u had a week to play again



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I imagine that everyone uses this short time before monday to farm bps but idk... what have you been grinding so hard? Not bps I guess 😅

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