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Changes to the server roster on December 2nd

This announcement is no longer active


Hey Moosers!

With the holiday season quickly approaching and the news of a forced blueprint wipe with the update on December 2nd, we’re going to go ahead and mix things up as well!

Along with the update on December 2nd, we will be changing our old US/EU Monthly servers to US/EU Small No BP Wipes. Don’t worry, the existing Monthly No BP Wipes servers are not going anywhere!

Here is a breakdown of the changes coming on December 2nd:

  • Renaming & updates to US & EU Monthly
    • New Name: US & EU Small No BP Wipes
    • Map Wipes: Monthly
    • BP Wipes: N/A (unless forced by FP)
    • Map Size: 3500
    • Team UI: 8
  • Updates to US & EU Monthly No BP Wipes
    • Team UI: 12

Some of the Moose'mins (ahem, AJ & Dimon) are just all around bah humbugs and don't like analytics but I've always found them pretty interesting so I'm going to include it anyways. Here is some of the data I've pulled from US & EU Monthly since their launch:

  • 384,308 unique players
  • 2,861,496 connections
  • 3,275,007 hours played
  • 12,868,894 chat messages

Thank you all for your continued support of Rusty Moose and we look forward to seeing you on the island! As always, feel free to reach out directly on Discord with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Best Regards,

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